ninty-nine not out

  • A new born baby

    Ward was barn in 1907, Sydney
  • Period: to

    ninty-nine not out!

    Ward was born in 1907, Sydney, the same year the first, ever School Journal began.
  • journals

    first journal
  • jounal

    Freda du faur becomes the first woman to climb Mount Cook (jounals)
  • school for him.

    teachers were strict. SIX times i got wacked on the hand with a ruler because i was playing up. i needed a certificate to go to high school. it was called the Proficiency Certificate.
  • Journals

    it had only a few pages, shorter than ours now.they were in a corridor, so we can all read them.
  • jounrnal

    first wold war (jounrnal)
  • moving by boat

    moved from Australia to Wellington, New Zealand, in 1917 by boat
  • jounrnal

    the first new zealand team goes to olympic games in antworp, belgium
  • journals

    Anzac Day in commem orated for the first time
  • school ends

    got the certificate of proficiency
  • sporter

    good at athletics. loved rugby and cricket, but i also liked soccer
  • working for watches

    after school, he went to making watches with his father. i did that for the rest of my working life in his own business.
  • journals

    Jean Batten makes the first direct solo flight from England to New Zealand
  • journals

    the first state house is opened in Miramar, Wellington
  • war time

    i was close to my brother Nelson. we both fought in the second world war. he was i the army (as he got shot), and i was in the air force.
  • journals

    second world war ended YIPPIE!
  • Mt. Everest

    something that stood out for me is in 1953, Edmund Hillary climbed Mt. Everest.
  • interveiw

    i think we were better off because we were sattisfied with what we's in my days did more things together, simple activities that didn't cost much, like going fishing
  • about the family

    i had 2 brothers, and 2 sisters. i was the eldest, the only one alive!
  • journals

    The Chinese Gooseberry renamed as the Kiwi Fruit