Night of broken glass

By chase72
  • The Assassination

    The Assassination
    German Politician ernist vam rath killed in Paris by polish jew enraged germans
  • Nazi police and storm troopers

    Nazi police and storm troopers
    storm troopers and and nazi police riot through the streets detroyng jewish businesses and beating up jews
  • Riots break out in germany

    Riots break out in germany
    On the night of November 9, 1938, violence against Jews broke out across germany
  • The Round up

    The Round up
    About 25,000 Jewish men were rounded up and later sent to concentration camps
  • Economic Whiplash

    Economic Whiplash
    In Germany, on November 12, top Nazis, including Hermann Ggring and Joseph Goebbels held a meeting about the economic impact of the damage and to discuss further measures to be taken against the Jews. SS leader Heydrich reported 7500 businesses desroyed, 260 synagogues burned and 91 Jews killed.