Night by Elie Wiesel

  • First forgein Jews expelled

    Without any words in 1942 the Hungarian police crammed people into cattle trains, months passed before any news from the deportees were brought
  • German troops enter in Hungarian territory

    Spring 1944, The Fascist party comes to power in Hungary, and German troops enter Hungarian territory with government permission
  • Al Jews are forced to wear a yellow-star

    . To distinguish them from the others, Jews were forced by the Germans to wear a yellow six-pointed star ‘visibly on the garment, on the left side of the chest’ by all Jews over the age of six
  • New getthos are set up in Sighet.

    After the week of Passover, came the yellow six-pointed star rule, and after that came a new style of life for the Jews, 2 Ghettos are made, 1 in the center of the town occupying 4 streets and another smaller one
  • Deportations Begin

    Sunday at 8 o’clock, the Hungarian police arrive and order everyone out of their homes, They spend a cramped and horrible twenty-four hours at the synagogue.
  • Last time Elie sees his mom and sister Tzipora

    Families were separated in the concentration camps, between genders and ages. Eliezer’s mom and sister are send to a different place and he never sees them again