Nicholson Joseph Supranationalism and Devolution

  • US/Great Britain(Devolution)

    US/Great Britain(Devolution)
    On July 4, 1776, the United States was granted independence from the British Empire. This was mainly for an economical purpose, as the war was too costly for Britain. Also, the United States was made into a trading partner.
  • Triple Entene(Supranationalism)

    Triple Entene(Supranationalism)
    Before WWI, Britain, France, and Russia made the Triple Entente. This was a political/military agreement made so these countries would not attack eachother and they could focus on keeping Germany from conquering Europe.
  • Allied Powers(Supranationalism)

    Allied Powers(Supranationalism)
    The Allied Powers included Britain, France, and Russia. The purpose of the Allied Powers were to oppose the central powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire) In WWI.
  • Ireland(Devolution)

    The Irish Army fought against Great Britain in the Irish War of Independence to gain Independence for Political/military purposes. Ireland gained independence, but Northen Ireland stayed with the British because they are mostly protestant like the British.
  • United Nations(Supranationalism)

    United Nations(Supranationalism)
    The United Nations is an organization with many countries including the U.S., Soviet Union, and Britain. The purpose of this organization is to protect against fighting between these countries.
  • East/West Germany(Devoltion)

    East/West Germany(Devoltion)
    In 1949, Germany split into East and West Germany. The Soviet Union occupied the East, and the west was contolled by the U.S., France, and Britain. Germany was split for political reasons, as the East was communist and the West was Democratic.
  • European Union(Supranationalism)

    European Union(Supranationalism)
    The European Union was an economic establishment between many European countries in order to keep their economies on par with the U.S. and China. The European Union established a common currency between the members to keep the value of the currency strong. They also eliminated tariffs to encourage trades between member countries,
  • Quebec(Devolution)

    Since the 1960's, the people of Quebec have been trying to gain independence from the rest of Canada. They have wanted to break apart for cultural reasons. The majority of Quebec is French-Canadian, rather than English-Canadian. Also, the majority of Quebec is Catholic, rather than Protestant.
  • PLO(Supranationalism)

    The Palestine Liberation Organization was made so the Palestinians could have their own state after Isreal was made after WWII, which kicked the Palestinians out. This is a cultural reason.
  • Scotland(Devoliton)

    Scotland wants to become and independent country for economic reasons. Scotland has an abundace of oil in the North Sea, and is contributing heavily to the EU but dorsnt get its fair stake because it shares with the rest of the UK.Ultimatley though, Scotland wants to stay with the UK for protection against other countries.