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  • Syrians flee for saftey

    Syrians flee for saftey
    Syrians flee over the boarder to Lebanon for saftey, as sectarian killings destroy their homes and family.
    Over 850 people have died nationwide since Mid-March.

    16 people have been killed over the past days, 8 of them being in the same family, join the stench of the rotting bodies laying in the streets of Talkalakh.
  • Skin Bleaching in Jamaica

    Skin Bleaching in Jamaica
    The women of Kingston Ghetto Jamiaca believe skin bleaching will be a ticket to a better and non lonely life.
    Skin bleaching is becoming so popular that men are starting to do it to, all it is to them is a new fasion trend.
    It is becoming more dangerous as one women started bleaching her baby, which could potentially kill it, because it has lots of dangerous chemicals that is not written on the container.
  • Retrial 18 years after brutal racist murder

    Retrial 18 years after brutal racist murder
    On April 22 1993, 18 yr old Stephen Lawrence and his friend Duwayne Brooks where waiting at a bus stop when they were attacked by a group of white youths because of their skin colour Duwayne managed to escape but Stephen was not so lucky and got stabbed to death.
    It has been 18 yr search since Stephens death and 2 of the original 5 suspects are being trialed, the family is still waiting for the resullts, Stephens mother quotes "perhaps we will finally get justice for him.
  • Henare uses Twitter to attack Harawira

    Henare uses Twitter to attack Harawira
    National MP Tau Henare is known as Minister of Twitter because of sending almost 7000 tweets in the past,to his opponents during live parlimentary debates.This time he let sparks fly towards ex-MP Hone Harawira, he tweeted "He is so racist he puts chocolate milk in his cup of tea". It is unclear what caused this outburst, while John Key claims not to have seen this post and refuses to comment.
  • Cadbury's supermodel strife

    Cadbury's supermodel strife
    The British supermodel Naomi Cambell is accusing the new chocolate company Bliss of racism, the advert said "move over Naomi there is a new diva in town" Naomi comments "it is very upsetting to be discribed as chocolate but not just me, but for all black women as a race. Do these people think they can insult black people and we just take it? This is the 21st century, not the 1950s. Shame on Cadbury."Cadbury has not apologised yet and offers no comment.