News Firsts

  • First TV News Broadcast

    Kolin Hager broadcasts farm and weather reports three times weekly on W2XB
  • World's First Remote Television Newscast

    -Televised from the State Capitol Building in Albany, New York
    -Broadcast the Democratic National Convention
    -Governor Al Smith accepted his nomination for Democratic Presidential Candidate
  • First TV Sports Broadcast

    First sporting event is televised. It is a Princeton - Columbia baseball game.
  • First TV News Instant Special

    -9-Hours coverage of the attack on Pearl Harbor
    -Announcement that the Japanese have attacked Hawaii
  • First Regularly Scheduled News Program

    -Nightly 15-second News Broadcasts
    -"CBS-TV News"
  • Term "anchor" is coined

    -Described Walter Cronkite's role at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions
    -First full TV coverage of the Conventions
  • First African American TV News Anchor

    Max Robinson made this historic moment when he became the TV News anchor in Washington, DC in 1969.
  • First Female News Co-Anchor

    Barbara Walters becomes the first ever woman to co-anchor a network evening news show. She set a world record by having the largest payout ($1 million) in that ABC'S history at the time.
  • First 24 Hour News

    CNN begins production, allowing viewers to have access to 24 hours of news every day.
  • First Openly Gay News Anchor

    Rachel Maddow becomes the first openly gay news anchor.