New York Knicks Fall & Rise

By mthomps
  • Knicks lose in 1999 NBA Finals to San Antonio Spurs

    Knicks lose in 1999 NBA Finals to San Antonio Spurs
    After becoming just the second no. 8 seed to advance a round, the then-underdog Knicks took it to another level and advanced past the Atlanta Hawks and Indiana Pacers to the NBA Finals in a thrilling playoff run for what would be their best moment in 12 years. Although the Knicks lost to the Spurs, fans had their head high.
  • 2000 Playoffs - Pacers defeat Knicks

    2000 Playoffs - Pacers defeat Knicks
    A year after the Knicks lost to the Spurs in the NBA Finals, their rival Pacers dealt them a devastating blow by eliminating them in the 2000 Eastern Conference Finals. Just two games away from reaching the Finals again, the Knicks lost the series 4 games to 2. Thi served to be the last truly memorable moment for the Knicks until ten years later.
  • Checketts signs off on the deal to send Patrick Ewing to Seattle

    Checketts signs off on the deal to send Patrick Ewing to Seattle
    In what became a massive eyesore for fans, the Knicks traded franchise star Patrick Ewing to the Seattle Sonics in September of 2000. This ended a legendary 15-year tenure for Ewing and signaled a downfall for the team. Beyond ripping any lines of loyalty down, the move didn't make sense for the team. Instead of use Ewing's $18 million expiring contract for a star like Tracy McGrady or Tim Duncan in 2000 free agency, they took on bad contracts that would last through the decade.
  • The 2001-02 debacle

    The 2001-02 debacle
    After not advancing past the first round in the 2000-01 season for the first time in the decade, Knicks fans saw something they hadn't seen in 15 years - missing the playoffs. These lowly Knicks fired head coach Jeff Van Gundy after a 10-9 and finished with Don Chaney going 20-43 in the 2001-02 season. Knicks fans hoped the losing ways were only a season, but it was far more than that.
  • Public Enemy No. 1 arrives

    Public Enemy No. 1 arrives
    Perhaps the most hated figure in New York Knick history, Isiah Thomas was hired as team president in December 2003. Thomas would go on to construct the highest NBA payroll with the second worst record in the league. Thomas tarnished his record as a basketball executive with the Knicks and tore down a once proud franchise with moves like handing out $30 million dollar contracts to players like Jared Jeffries and Jerome James, who would only amount to bench warmers.
  • False hope rises

    False hope rises
    In January of 2004, hometown star Stephon Marbury arrived, leading the Knicks back to the playoffs. Thomas made a move that was considered positive at the time, but ended up further hampering the franchise. Although they gave up no players of worth, Marbury's massive contract hindered the team for years. The hometown star turned into a despised figure as the losses mounted and his selfish behavior progressed. Marbury's tenure finally ended once the team released him in February of 2009.
  • The Knicks hit rock bottom

    The Knicks hit rock bottom
    Even Larry Brown couldn't do anything about these Knicks. A month removed from leading the Detroit Pistons to the NBA Finals in 2005, Brown signed a 5-year, $60 million dollar contract with the Knicks, a contract unheard of for an NBA coach. With the highest payroll and the highest paid NBA coach, the Knicks had one of their worst season's in team history, going 23-59. All the old stars from the NBA Finals run six years prior were gone and overpaid, unachievers like Eddy Curry remained.
  • The lost draft picks

    The lost draft picks
    Starting with the 2006 NBA Draft, Isiah Thomas's poor manuevers led the team to miss out on numerous draft picks. All to acquire the overweight, unachieving and out-of-shape Eddy Curry as well as the hated hometown star Stephon Marbury. Thomas shipped two valuable first round picks to Chicago in exchange for Eddy Curry, which turned into LaMarcus Aldridge and Joakim Noah. The picks to the Suns for Marbury could have been used on Josh Smith and Paul George. Moves like these killed the Knicks.
  • Isiah Thomas fired, Donnie Walsh saves the day

    Isiah Thomas fired, Donnie Walsh saves the day
    In what became the first smart move in eight years for the Knicks, owner James Dolan hired a reputable general manager in Donnie Walsh to run the show. Isiah Thomas was fired and Walsh pledged to clean up the team's coaching and salary cap situation, aiming for the summer of 2010 - when LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Amare Stoudemire were free agents.
  • Mike D'Antoni is hired as head coach

    Mike D'Antoni is hired as head coach
    D'Antoni inherited a team with a high payroll, but much promise, because Donnie Walsh was the new general manager. A coach renowned for his offensive prowess, D'Antoni had to endure two losing seasons before acquiring true superstars. Although under the microscope, many feel D'Antoni has done a respectable job as head coach of the Knicks.
  • "The Knicks Are Back" - Amare Stoudemire arrives

    "The Knicks Are Back" - Amare Stoudemire arrives
    Ten years after Patrick Ewing exited, Amare Stoudemire arrived. Donnie Walsh's plan to create cap space for 2010 ended up being a success, as he made the right moves and traded away nearly all the players he needed to in order to acquire a superstar. Stoudemire arrived in a big way, as he was an early MVP candidate during the 2010-2011 NBA season. Stoudemire ended up starting in the NBA All-Star game in February of this year.
  • Carmelo Anthony traded to the Knicks

    Carmelo Anthony traded to the Knicks
    The Knicks acquired a second superstar in Carmelo Anthony in February, as the hometown hero returned to New York. After months of deliberation, the Knicks were able to complete a deal. The team was able to do something not even seen in the Patrick Ewing era, construct a team with two superstars. With Anthony and Stoudemire, the future is bright for the current Knicks team.
  • The Knicks return to the playoffs after seven years

    The Knicks return to the playoffs after seven years
    After seven years, the Knicks returned to the playoffs this April. Although they were ousted by the Boston Celtics, the main take away for fans is that it wasn't as much about today as it is tomorrow. With sizable cap space for 2012, the Knicks could potentially acquire superstar point guard Chris Paul and complete a trio that could certainly lead to multiple championships for the city of New York.