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Nelson Mandela

  • Union of South Africa was declared a country

    Union of South Africa was declared a country
    South Africa was granted independence from the British Parliament which ruled South Africa for several years. It has not been until the recent years until South Africa was governed by the native people who recieved no power for the past years
  • ANC was formed

    ANC was formed
    The Anc or otherwise known as the African National Congress forms on this day.Today the ANC is the governing party of South Africa.The African National was first formed to stop the segregation of the African Americans.Today the Anc is the governing party and has rarely resorted to violence as was done in the past.
  • Mandela was born

    Mandela was born
    Rolihlahla Mandela was born at Mvezo in the Transkei
  • Mandela Received his nickname

    Mandela Received his nickname
    Attends primary school near Qunu (receives the name 'Nelson' from a teacher
  • His Father dies

    Entrusted to Thembu Regent Jongintaba Dalindyebo at the age of 12.
    While his autobiography Long Walk to Freedom places Mandela's father's death in 1927, historical evidence shows it must have been later, most likely 1930.
  • Undergoes initiation

    Attends Clarkebury Boarding Institute in Engcobo
  • He married

    He married
    Escapes an arranged marriage and married with
    Evelyn Ntoko Mase
  • Mandela Attends ANC Meetings

    iN the year 1942 Mandela began attending ANC meetings.One of the leaders of the ANC was Walter Sisilu who led the organization most of the time.Along with Mandela one of his friends Oliver Tambo attended a long side. Mandela was an active member of the organization.
  • Mandela's first child was born

    In the year of 1946 Nelson Mandela and Evelyn had a child named Madiba Thebelike Mandela.He was born during their life in Johannesberg.
  • Apartheid

    Apartheid laws with in the system of South Africa involved the division of the two races coexisting.In 1953 white communites gained the upper hand of life within the nation.The whites arrived in South Africa after the natives and captured the nation governing the nation and hording the wealth. Once the apartheid laws were made the natives no longer had the rights and could not hold political positions.This was a period of segregation and seperation.
  • Divorce With Evelyn

    Divorce With Evelyn
  • Sharpeville Massacre: Police kill 69 peaceful protestors and the ANC is banned

    Mandela goes into hiding and forms an underground military group with armed resistance
  • Leaves the country

    Leaves the country
    For military training and to garner support for the ANC:
    African National Congress
  • Mandela was arrested

    Mandela was arrested
    Nelson Mandela was charged with recruitment and sabotage in a method of revoluttion.His revolt was violent and therefore he was caught in the act and arrested.
  • Tuberculosis

    Admitted to Tygerberg Hospital where he is diagnosed with tuberculosis
  • Moved to Victor Verster Prison

    In Paarl where he is held for 14 months in a cottage
  • Mandela released from Prison

    Mandela released from Prison
    After 27 years Mandela is finally realeased from prison, He was with one of his other wifes, Winnie.
  • Awarded the Nobel Peace

    Awarded the Nobel Peace
  • Elected as a president in South Africa

    Elected as a president in South Africa
    Elected by parliament as first president of a democratic South Africa
  • He wrote a book

    He wrote a book
    Launches his autobiography Long Walk to Freedom
  • Children's Fund

    Children's Fund
    Their mission is giving vulnerable children support, opportunity and hope by breaking destructive cycles through community partnerships.
  • Marries Graça Machel

  • Diagonosed with prostate cancer

    Diagonosed with prostate cancer
  • Established the Mandela Rhodes Foundation

    The Mandela Rhodes Community is an initiative by the Mandela Rhodes Scholars themselves. All Mandela Rhodes Scholars are eligible to be members of the alumni network, and it seeks to support its members beyond their time as Scholars-in-residence. The Community arranges conferences and is involved in projects that further a continent-wide commitment to the principles of the Scholarship.
  • His son had died of AIDS

    His son had died of AIDS
    His eldest son Makgatho had died of AIDS
  • His granddaughter Zenai is killed in a car accident

    His granddaughter Zenai is killed in a car accident
  • Conversations with Myself

    His second book Is published
  • Period: to

    Admitted to Hospital / Discharged from Hospital

  • Death of Nelson Mandela

    Death of Nelson Mandela