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Africa Timeline

  • 1400

    The Start Of New Trade

    The Start Of New Trade
    During the Golden Age of Exploration, Europeans began to sail south around Southern Africa in an attempt to reach the wealth of silks and spices found in India and China. In doing so, they learned more about Africa’s people, cultures, and most importantly, wealth. As a result, Europeans began to trade with the inhabitants South Africa.
  • 1500

    Slave Trade

    Slave Trade
    Later on European traders began to sell Africans guns and European goods in exchange for slaves. Those slaves were then transported across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas to work on plantations. Then the increase in the number of guns available to the people living in Africa caused lots of fighting between different groups which weakened everyone and made it much easier for Europeans to take over.
  • 1500

    Beginning of Colonization

    Beginning of Colonization
    Europeans had begun to build trading posts in Africa.
  • Colonizing And Taking Over

    Colonizing And Taking Over
    By the early 1800s, Britain was colonizing or taking over another country for its resources. Europeans knew that Africa had many important trade routes and resources they wanted. Britain began by taking Egypt; which had an important man made canal. Britain, France, Germany, and Portugal all started to take land in Africa. Between them all Britain and France had the most land with Britain taking western central and Southern Africa, and France taking most of West Africa.
  • Europe Has Taken Over

    Europe Has Taken Over
    Europe has taken over almost every country in all of Africa except for Ethiopia.
  • South African Independence

    South African Independence
    South Africa was granted independence from Great Britain. And even though whites were a minority they controlled the government and business.
  • Fight For Freedom

    Fight For Freedom
    Kenya starts a political organization to fight for freedom from Great Britain.
  • Ethiopia Is Taken Over

    Ethiopia Is Taken Over
    Italy invades Ethiopia
  • Beginning Of Rebellion

    Beginning Of Rebellion
    In the mid 1900s the Africans were inspired by the events of World War 2 and began to rebel seriously against colonization.
  • Pan-Africanism Is Introduced.

    Pan-Africanism Is Introduced.
    Kwame Nkrumah (from Ghana) introduced the idea of having Pan-Africanism. This was the belief in the unity of all Black Africans in the world.
  • Apartheid is Made

    Apartheid is Made
    A policy of legal separation based on race called Apartheid was made. Black South Africans were forced to live and work where white South Africans wanted. Black South Africans had no say in things and couldn’t marry a white. This later led to revolt.
  • Sudan’s Independence

    Sudan’s Independence
    Sudan gains its independence from Great Britain
  • First Civil War

    First Civil War
    The people in the south rebelled against the people and government in the north leading to civil wars. Millions died in the fighting.
  • Start of Independence

    Start of Independence
    Ghana gains its independence.
  • Nigeria’s Independence

    Nigeria’s Independence
    After a fierce struggle against the British, Nigeria becomes Independent.
  • Belgium Congo’s Independence

    Belgium Congo’s Independence
    Belgium Congo becomes independent.
  • Independence For Rwanda

    Independence For Rwanda
    Rwanda gains its independence after the Hutu and Tutsi people fight brutally against each other.
  • Independence for Kenya

    Independence for Kenya
    After many years Kenya becomes independent. Jomo Kenyatta would become the now independent Kenya’s first leader.
  • Mandela Doesn’t Stop

    Mandela Doesn’t Stop
    Even in prison Nelson Mandela continued to protest.
  • Belgium Congo Falls

    Belgium Congo Falls
    As a result of the inability to make a stable government Joseph Mobutu seized power and ruled uninterrupted for 32 years. After seizing power he renamed the country Zaire and ruled with corruption and violence.
  • Igbo Fails At Independence

    Igbo Fails At Independence
    When Igbo renames themselves Biafra and tries to gain independence they spark a civil war. In this war over one million people died before the Igbo agreed to rejoin with Nigeria.
  • Second Civil War

    Second Civil War
    The people in the south rebelled against the people and government in the north leading to civil wars. Millions died in the fighting.
  • A New President

    A New President
    F.W. De Klerk is elected president.
  • Apartheid is Ended

    Apartheid is Ended
    Apartheid is ended and Nelson Mandela is released from prison.
  • Nobel Prize

    Nobel Prize
    De Klerk and Mandela were awarded the Nobel Prize for their work ending apartheid.
  • First Open Elections

    First Open Elections
    Nelson Mandela was elected president after the first open elections in South Africa.
  • An Attempt At Genocide

    An Attempt At Genocide
    Before Rwanda gains its independence the Hutu took control of the country. The Hutu began to engage in genocide against the Tutsi and the Tutsi eventually regained power and restored peace. Between 800,000 to 1 million Tutsi were murdered. Some Hutu escaped into the Democratic Republic of Congo where both groups continue to fight.
  • Arab Spring is Introduced

    Arab Spring is Introduced
    The people of Tunisia begin to agitate for a. More democratic government. This movement was called the Arab Spring. Protesters used social media to spread their messages against the corrupt government, high prices, and human rights abuses.
  • Recognition of South Sudan

    Recognition of South Sudan
    Southern Sudan’s independence is recognized by Sudan
  • The Arab Spring Prevails

    The Arab Spring Prevails
    President Ben Ali resigns and a democratic government is elected. Similar victories occurred in Morocco and Algeria.
  • Qaddafi is Killed

    Qaddafi is Killed
    When Muammar Qaddafi refused to step down war broke out. Qaddafi was captured and killed, and a new government was elected.