South Africa I.D. Timeline

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    South African ethnic group. Descended from German, Dutch, and French settlers who first arrived in South Africa in 1652. There are still many Afrikaner people today. They're language is Afrikaans: a variation of Germand and Dutch.
  • Xhosa

    The Xhosa people of Africa were forced to move east from their home in South Africa by British Forces. Xhosa people speak the languages of the Bantu now, not of the Afrikaans.
  • Cecil John Rhodes

    British man who came to South Africa in 1871. In South Africa he bought all of the Diamond Mines and eventually founded the very famous diamond company "De Beers." There he founded Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), and owned all the land in that colony.
  • Kimberley

    Kimberely was established in this year. By the time it was established as Kimberley, it had become the second largest town in South Africa due to the company De Beers that mined for Diamonds there and was founded by Cecil Rhodes (check I.d.)
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    Boer War

    The second of two Boer Wars. It was fought between the British Empire and the Afrikaan people. They fought for Africa's natural resources in Swaziland and South Africa. In the end, the British beat the Afrikaans.
  • Louis Botha

    The day Botha became the first Prime Minister of South Africa. He was white and of English descent.
  • Louis Botha

    The day Botha became the first Prime Minister of South Africa. He was white and of English descent.
  • ANC

    ANC stands for African National Congress. Founded on that day. Ruled Aouth Africa after the Apartheid Movement ended in 1994.
  • 1913 Land Act

    Act was passed because Whites South Africans where angry because natives would be on their land. The act was a large component of what was to be known as Apartheid.
  • Nationalist Party

    A South African Political Party that was founded on this day. The party promoted and enforced Apartheid. In 1994 the party was renamed and changed its views.
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    The year when South African's began using the term "Bantu." They used the word to mean the Native people of South Africa, meaning the black people.
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    apartheid |əˈpärtˌ(h)āt, -ˌ(h)īt|
    noun historical
    (in South Africa) a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race. (Dictionary Defintion)
  • First Group Area Act Enacted

    An act passed enacted by the Apartheid government. It was the first act enacted of three group areas acts in total. It assigned a certain race to a certain area, making the country very segregated.
  • Population Regristration Act of 1950

    Passed the same day as the first Group Areas Act. Required for people to identify with one of four racial groups at birth. Act enacted byt he Apartheid. Started some problems as there are more than 4 racial groups in the world, and South Africa.
  • Pass Laws of 1952

    A group of laws passed in 1952 to help convert South Africa into a segregated nation. It made black people hold an "Pass" or i.d. everywhere they went and a white person could ask them to show it to them if they were outside their restricted zone.
  • Defiance Campaign

    Presented and organized by the ANC (check I.D.) It was a protest of the unjust laws and enactments that had moved during the Apartheid movement.
  • Seperate Amenities Act of 1953.

    Act basically legalized segregation to a more extreme extent than it was in the United States. It was a movement under the Apartheid government.
  • Sharpeville Massacre

    When white, south african police killed 69 blacks in South Africa outside of a police station. They opened fire on a crowd that was protesting peacefully.
  • Robben Island

    The year when Nelson Mandela first came to Robben Island. He was there for 18 of his 27 years of confinement, eventually released to become the president of South Africa.
  • Steve Biko Death

    Anti-Apartheid activist. Arrested for "terrorism". Died in prison after being arrested due to hunger as he was on a Hunger Strike. His story was told to the world.
  • PW Botha

    6th President of South Africa. White and was a descendant of Louis Botha (check I.D.). Technically first because they were called "Prime Minsiters" prior to him.
  • F.W. de Klerk

    President after PW Botha. Last president of the Apartheid era. Last president before Mandela.
  • Nelson Mandela

    The year Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa, ending the Apartheid movement. He was an anti-Apartheid activist who was jailed for 27 years, was let out, and became the president of the country,
  • Freedom Charter

    Nelson Mandela used the principles of the ANC's Freedom Charter to be the fundementals of the new South Africa. He changed the country from a segregated region to a united country though the charter.