South Africa's Aparthied

  • Dutch East India Company

    Dutch East India Company
    In 1652 the dutch build a fort and supply station in South Africa.
  • Boers Inhabit South Africa

    Boers Inhabit South Africa
    As early as 1806 Dutch settlers began to inhabit South Africa. By the 1830s the great trek to South Africa began leading to hundreds of settlers. The great trek lasted until the 1840s.
  • Native Lands Act

    Later, renamed Bantu Land Act, said that native black people could only own certain parts of land. This set the foundation for apartheid.
  • The Begining of Aparthied

    The Begining of Aparthied
    Quickly after the second world war the "National party" became South Africa's governing party. The party was founded in 1915 by Afrikaner people.The party quickly established aparthied.
  • Population Registration Act

    Population Registration Act
    In 1950, this act was passed forcing residents of South Africa to legally classify their race. This act forced blacks, "coloreds" (mixed race) and indian people were expected to live in accordance with the laws put in place for their race. A year prior to this act "Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act" was passed banning white people from having a relationship with anyone who wasn't white.
  • Defiance Campagain is launched

    Defiance Campagain is launched
    In 1942 the ANC (affrican Natioinal congress). 8 057 people were put in prison for defying aparthied laws. People were arreseted for disobeying curfew, or entering areas that were "white only"
  • The Bantu Education Act is Passed

    The Bantu Education Act is Passed
    This act created a seperate education system for black and white South Africans. This is one of the first and most detrimental acts of apartheid.
  • Homelands are Created

    Homelands are Created
    The government forced black people to live in Bantustans (seperate homelands) away from afrikaners (the white ethnicity group living in South Africa)
  • ANC is banned

    ANC is banned
    The south African government bans ANC (affrican national congress) an anti aparthied group threatening the current status quo. Nelson who was the president of ANC would be arrested two years later. The group continued to work underground and internationally.
  • Nelson Mandela is arrested

    Prior to his arrest, Mandela was on the run in disguise after being charged with violating the"Suppression of Communism Act" . He was ultimatley caught and put in prison. He would be in prison until 1990, during that time he would be moved to different prisons.
  • Steve Biko is dead

    Steve Biko is dead
    Steve Biko was an aspiring medical student who became an antiaparthied activist and founder of the "black consious movement". Because of his large influence in the South African community, he was restricted by the national party to only speak with one person at a time.
  • UN kicks South Africa Out

    UN kicks South Africa Out
    In november, South Africa was no longer allowed to be a member of the UN due to apartheid. South Africa would not be allowed to rejoin the UN until they ended the apartheid.
  • Soweto Uprsising

    Soweto Uprsising
    Nearly 600 students were killed during a peaceful protest Afrikaans Medium Decree of 1974. Nearly 20 000 students participated in the protests. The original government claimed there was only 23 casulties. June 16 is now the public holiday "youth day" in South Africa.
  • Steve Biko dies

    Steve Biko dies
    Obn August 18th1977 Biko was detained. He was beaten and tortured into a coma in the Sanlam Building in Port Elizabeth. He was later takent to a Pretoria prison, a prison that was over a1000km away. On September 12 1977 Biko died in police custody. His death was announced to be caused by a hunger strike. Later, the nature of his death was exposed by autopsys showing brain hemorging from being beaten.
  • Biko is published

    Biko is published
    Donald woods- a friend of Biko's snuck out of South Africa to seek asylum. He would go on to write several books on aparthied in hopes of raising awarness to South Affrica.
    The movie "cry freedom" that was based on the book was not banned in South Africa but, police confiscated copies.
  • President F.W de Klerk ends ANC ban

    President F.W de Klerk ends ANC ban
    Once a supporter of segregation lifts the ban and would also relase Mandela. He would late win a Nobel prize with Mandela in 1993.
  • Mandela is free

    Mandela is free
    On Feburary 10th, F. W. de Klerk said he would release Nelson the next day. He would spend the first few days outt of prison addresing crowds of well wishers and eventually return to his family home on Feburary 13th.
  • Nelson Mandela becomes President of South Africa

    Nelson Mandela becomes President of South Africa
    Nelson Mandela was the 1st President of South Africa. Two years later he would promulgate South Africa's current consitution that included rights such as the right to housing and freedom of assembly.