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Nelson Mandela : 1918 - 2013

By dkjohn
  • Birth

    On July 18, 1918 Nelson Mandela would be born to leave an everlasting mark on not only his country but on the entire world. Born to Noqaphi Nosekeni and Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa. He would grow up to battle against the immense inequality and oppression that had previously teared down his people. Nelson would then grow up to be nonviolent anti-apartheid activist, politician and philanthropist who became South Africa’s first black president. (
  • Expelled from University of Fort Hare

    Expelled from University of Fort Hare
    Mandela had been the first in his entire family to have gotten a proper education. Through his early years Mandela had shown rebellious manner. When accepted into the University of Fort Hare, a school of higher schooling for S. African blacks, at the time when Mandela truly had found his voice. He had shown that in the form of leading a protest against the schools's policies. The school had rejected theaction to the point where they had expelled Mandela. (
  • Formed the ANC Youth League

    Formed the ANC Youth League
    Mandela had begun getting more infatuated with politics and began taking more action to back his cause. Nelson, with other activists who had supported the same causes, got together forming the African National Congress Youth League which was the youth version of the African National Congress. (Benson 35) Nelson with his friend Oliver Tambo had been inspired by the group and made the first black law firm which featured free access legal counsel if affected by apartheid.(
  • World War 2 had ended

    World War 2 had ended
    After Hitler's invasion of Poland and the awful Holocaust killing 6 million Jews alone, the war had ended. On April 30, Hitler had dead in his bunker from suicide.The war had been the most destructive and murderous war that many had never seen before. The close of the war began a wave of communist ideology from the Soviet Union which would then spread to eastern Europe. Lastly the the end to this war had been seen as a beacon of hope and celebration. (
  • Tried for Treason

    Tried for Treason
    On March 1960 there had been 69 people that had been shot and killed in a protest by the police.This had forced South Africa's first state of emergency to be called. A total of 28 were thought of to be treasonous including Mandela. He and the others had been detained to which they had been freed. This showed the severity of the issues in the country as well as Nelson's courage to fight for what's right.(Biography of Nelson Mandela).
  • Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

    Sentenced to Life Imprisonment
    Returning from a previous trip back to South Africa, Mandela had been once again arrested. Before he had been living underground for the past 17 months. Nelson had planned a national strike to send a message to their government leaders. Nelson and several others in his life prison sentence. (The Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela:1918-2013) They had first been placed in the Pretoria central prison but Mandela was taken to Robben Island which had been known for it high security. (Meer 120)
  • Freed from Life Prison Sentence

    Freed from Life Prison Sentence
    After 27 years behind bars Nelson Mandela is now free from Pollsmoor.(Benson 220) Before being released, Nelson had been denied a pardon from S.African President P.W. Botha. Mandela refused to denounce his actions. When President F.W. Klerk was sworn in had changes been made. Klerk put an end to the Mandela ban so Nelson could be released. Leaving the prison, Nelson held a fist in the air, showing that he was ready to continue fighting.(The Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela: 1918-2013)
  • World Wide Web debuted

    World Wide Web debuted
    The Internet had first been used by the government as a resource to assist them as weaponry to be used against the Russians in the Cold War but then it evolved into a much larger platform to what we know as the internet today. The person to thank for what our current internet would be the Swiss computer programmer, Tim Berners-Lee who had introduced the world to the World Wide Web. He thought of it as a way to connect the world by sharing info across the globe. (The Invention of the Internet).
  • Receives Nobel Peace Price

    Receives Nobel Peace Price
    His contributions that had been made to end the segregation or discrimination or apartheid, had been recognized by the entire world and to acknowledge his actions Mandela alongside President de Klerk had been given the Nobel Peace Prize. Mandela put in an extensive amount of work into negotiations with the South African government to create an intricate balance of power to benefit all members of the country. This award had acknowledged and praised him. (
  • 9/11

    On September 11, 2001 a group of terrorists called the Al Qaeda had carried out their plan of hijacking three airplanes that would then be sent to destroy the World Trade Center in the form of suicide attacks. They had also planned to attack the Pentagon as well but luckily the plane had crashed in Pennsylvania but had wiped out all of the passengers on board. 9/11 and the victims that died will always be remembered. (9/11 Timeline)
  • Leaving the Eye of the Public

    Leaving the Eye of the Public
    After fighting a battle for years it is now time for Nelson Mandela to leave the public eye. The activist had grown exhausted in his old age. He chose to use his older years to show support for the positive actions that were taken by some and thought that it was finally his time to rest. (The Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela: 1918-2013)
  • President Barack Obama's Inauguration

    President Barack Obama's Inauguration
    Barack Obama first started out as a Harvard Grad but soon became one of the most influential political figures in American History. Later Obama had announced that he would run for president. In the end Obama had taken the victory and become president. Barack's running and elections showed a wave of change that was on the horizon for the world and especially for the U.S.. Obama had been the first black man to be elected in the highest office of the land.(
  • Micheal Jackson dies

    Micheal Jackson dies
    On June 5, 2009 one of the most infamous and iconic musicians and performers had no longer been living. Michael Jackson had been loved by all from his amazing talent so when he had passed the whole world had felt it. In fact one of Jackson's Albums, Thriller, had been the best selling album of all time. Before his death, Michael's reputation had been ruined over allegations but he wanted to make a comeback but died before he could, from an overdose. (
  • Osama bin Laden had been killed

    Osama bin Laden had been killed
    Widely known as the global terrorist who had helped establish terrible killings and deaths like the airplane attacks on the World Trade Center. So when his death had come about many people had cheered because they had finally seen justice. bin Laden had been killed in one of the terrorist compound located in Abbottabad, Pakistan by a navy seal named Rob O'Neill.(
  • Diagnosed with Lung infection

    Diagnosed with Lung infection
    Mandela at this point in time had been very ill from chronic lung problems that had begun taking in effect as early as his life imprisonment. Many worried that he had little time left to live, as his condition becomes more critical. Based on appearances from events, he had appeared to look weak and frail as he had various surgeries for previous illnesses. The stress he collected over the years started to catch up with him. (The Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela: 1918-2013)
  • Death

    On this day a light had been dimmed. Mandela "had been suffering with lung infection since January 2011". His illness had caused his demise to which he left this leaving not only his wife and children but an everlasting legacy promoting equality and justice for all. He left a mark on millions giving then hope when there didn't seem to be any this made true inspiration. Mandela proved that change can be made and that change is coming. (