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Nelson Mandela Timeline

  • Union of South Africa was declared a country

    Union of South Africa was declared a country
    On the day of 31 May, South Africa was granted independence from the British Parliament which ruled South Africa for several years.It has not been until the recent years until South Africa was governed by the native people who recieved no power for the past years. (Data Set 1 #14)
  • Period: to

    Nelson Mandela's life

    Throughout his life Mandela has accomplished much. One of his greatest achievements was toward merging the two races of Africa together. He was also the first black president of South Africe. He also fought against apartheid so blacks would be granted freedom. For this deed he has recieved the Nobel Prize.
  • ANC was formed

    ANC was formed
    The Anc or otherwise known as the African National Congress forms on this day.Today The ANC is the governing party of South Africa.The African National was first formed to stop the segregation of the African Americans.Today the Anc is the governing party and has rarely resorted to violence as was done in the past. (Data Set 1 #16)
  • Birth of Nelson Mandela

    Birth of Nelson Mandela
    Nelson Mandela was born in Mvezo, a small village in South Africe. It is also homeland of the Xhosa, one of the most major tribal groups located in South Africa.
    (Data set 2, #1)
    ("Young Mandela.", n.d. Web. 8) Apr. 2014.)
  • Enrolled at Fort Hare College

    Enrolled at Fort Hare College
    Nelson Mandela went to Fort Hare College to pursue his dream within law. During his stay at Fort Hare College Mandela involved himself within the Youth League of the ANC.
    Data Set 1 #4
  • Mandela Attends ANC Meetings

    Mandela Attends ANC Meetings
    iN the year 1942 Mandela began attending ANC meetings.One of the leaders of the ANC was Walter Sisilu who led the organization most of the time.Along with Mandela one of his friends Oliver Tambo attended alongside.Mandela was an active member of the organization.
    (D.S 2, #13)
  • Nelson meets Evelyn

    Nelson meets Evelyn
    Nelson Mandela meets his first wife Evelyn.Mandela first met Evelyn in the year 1944.Mandela was quite struch by her beauty and quitness. Evelyn was from the village of rural Transkei. ("Evelyn")
  • Mandela's first child was born

    Mandela's first child was born
    In the year of 1946 Nelson Mandela and Evelyn had a child named Madiba Thebelike Mandela.He was born during their life in Johannesberg.
  • Aparteid laws reformed

    Aparteid laws reformed
    Aparttheid laws within the system of South Africa involved the division of the two races coexisting.In !953 white communites gained the upper hand of life within the nation.The whites arrived in South Africa after the natives and captured the nation governing the nation and hording the wealth. Once the apartheid laws were made the natives no longer had the rights and could not hold political positions.This was a period of segregation and seperation.
    (D.S 1,#30)
    Data Set 2 #18
  • Mandela's marriage had gotten rocky

    Mandela's marriage had gotten rocky
    His tasks with the ANC swept him overtime from his family.He had disagreements with Evelyn on the topics wether to value freedom or tur to a more religous life.These arguments eventually led to large disagreements between the two.

    ("Burdens of the Struggle")
  • Divorce With Evelyn

    Divorce With Evelyn
    During the year 1953 their relationship worsened.Although he persevered toward his family his work in the Anc took him in other paths.Mandela worked overtime and his relationship worsened.Evelyn tought that Mandela should turn toward religion rather than freedom.After being on different perspectives they soon divorced.
    (“Burdens of the Struggle”)
    ("Burdens of the struggle")
  • Mandela Arrested

    Mandela Arrested
    Nelson Mandela was charged with recruitment and sabotage in a method of revoluttion.His revolt was violent and therefore he was caught in the act and arrested.
    (DS.1 #22)
  • Period: to

    Mandela in jail

    For 27 years Nelson Mandela is held in prison for the cause of sabotage and recruitment as a method of revolt. Africans had no rights in that time and therefore could not protest if done they were arrested and held for life.
  • Meets P.W. Botha

    Meets P.W. Botha
    Mandela meets South African President, P.W Botha during Independence Day. Mandela was making change and his actions were taking more effect.
    (Data Set 2, #15)
    (P.W. Botha." A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 08 Apr. 2014.)
  • President De Klerk gets Elected

    President De Klerk gets Elected
    President de Klerk is elected president in October, 1989. He was elected the for the state president of South Africa and promised resoultiouns to the problems they have. The next year he would enforce the law.
    (Data Set 1, #24)
    ("Africa Should Develop Its Own Democracy “ De Klerk." GNA News. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Apr. 2014.)
  • Mandela released from Prison

    Mandela released from Prison
    After 27 years Mandela is finally realeased from prison, He was with one of his other wives, Winnie.
    (Data Set 1, #21)
    ("The Ghouse Diary: A Muslim's Prayer for Nelson Mandela." The Ghouse Diary: A Muslim's Prayer for Nelson Mandela. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Apr. 2014.)
  • President de Klerk enforces law

    President de Klerk enforces law
    President de Klerk formed new laws during this year.First and foremost apartheid was eradicated from the system and therefore a new constitution was formed.Mandela and others were released from prison.The ANC and other organizations were soon able to function legally.These set of laws contributed to the good of South Africa.
    (Data Set 1,#30)
  • Mandela Elected President

     Mandela Elected President
    Mandela wins presidency and the elction to become the first black president of South Africa.Nelson is the first African American president to take power.
    (Data Set 2, #24)
  • Death of Nelson Mandela

    Death of Nelson Mandela
    Nelson Mandela died at the age of 95 due to respiratory infection, at December 5, 2013.
    (Nelson Mandela Dead: Icon of Anti-Apartheid Movement Dies at 95." ABC News. N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Apr. 2014.)