Nelson mandela!!!!!!!!

Nelson Mandela

  • Birth Date

    Birth Date
    View here Born in Transkei, South Africa. Rolihlahla Dalibhunga Mandela was his name and later he got an english name Nelson.
  • Fathers Death

    Fathers Death
    fathers deathHis father died when Nelson was nine and his father was apart of the Thembu clan.
  • Moving

    Moving to place to placeNelson Mandela moves to Healdtown in 1937 and attending the Wesleyan college in Fort Beaufort.
  • Leaving

    leavingAsked to leave Fort Hare due to a involvment with a boycott of the Students' Representative Council against the university policies.
  • Joins the AFC

    Joins the AFC
    Joins the African National Congress (ANC) as an activist.
  • Forming a youth league

    Forming a youth league
    Veiw Forms the Youth League of the ANC with Oliver Tambo and Walter Sislu.
  • Limits freedom of blacks

    Limits freedom of blacks
    Veiw hereSouth African government (Afrikaner-dominated National Party) limits the freedom of black Africans
  • Accused

    Click here to view Accused of overthrow the South African state by violent means with 155 other political activists and charged with high treason. The Treason Trial of 1956–61 follows and all were acquitted.
  • marriage ends

    marriage ends
    click to view heremarriage of 13 years to his first wife Evelyn Ntoko Mase ends.
  • Prisoned

    click here to viewsentenced to 5 years in prison but gets on the run again.
  • Captured

    click here to view Captured and convicted of sabotage and treason and sentenced to life imprisonment at the age of 46. On Robben island when he would be kept for 18 years.
  • Momma Down!

    Momma Down!
    click here to viewMther dies and his eldest son is killed in a car crash but he not allowed to attend either of the funerals
  • 600 killed

    600 killed
    Click here to viewOver 600 students killed in protests at Soweto and Sharpeville
  • Re-armed

    Click here to viewfarmers able to re-arm and protect themselfs from blacks dissidents.
  • Realeased

    Click here to viewrealesed after 27 years and the president lifts the banned on ANC
  • Presedent ANC

    Presedent ANC
    Click here to viewBecomes the president of ANC
  • Kidnapped

    Click here to viewSeparates from Winnie Mandela after she is convicted of kidnapping.
  • President

    Free Elections where black South Africans are allowed to vote for the first time. Of course he runs for president.
  • Sons death

    Sons death
    click here to view moreMakgatho Mandela dies of AIDS
  • 93 birthday

    93 birthday
  • Cancer

    click here to view moreDiagnosed with prostate cancer