Negative Interations between European Settlers and Aborignial groups

By sylviat
  • William Dampiers speech

    William Dampier wrote Australia’s Indigenous were the miserablest people in the world (date not specified)
  • First fleet arrived

    First fleet arrived into Port Jackson on Australia’s eat coast. Carried convicts, about to start their life in a penal colony.
  • Aboriginal being called 'noble savages'

    Europeans regarded Aborigines as ‘noble savages’. (date not specified)
  • Smallpox issue

    Smallpox killed half of Indigenous population around Port Jackson. (date not specified)
  • Aboriginals affraid of the Europeans

    Aborigines were extremely fearful of the European Settlers. (date not specified)
  • Swan River established

    European Settlers established a colony on Swan River. (date not specified)
  • Nyungan shot while stealing food.

    Nyungan shot by European Settlers while stealing food. (date not specified)
  • Governor Gawler speech to the 'black men'

    Governor Gawler said that Black men are miserable and cant be happy unless they become like the white men. (date not specified)
  • Myall Creek Massacre

  • 12 men on the hunt in New South Wales

    12 local stockmen were on the hunt around the New South Wales town of Inverell for Indigenous people they suspected had stolen cattle. (date not specified)
  • Kurnai population reduced

    Kurnai population had reduced from 2,000 to 80. (date not specified)
  • Almost 165 years after being sent to England.

    Almost 165 years after being sent to England, Yagan’s head was returned to Australia for a proper burial. (date not specified)