Nationalism/ sectionalism & Manifest Destiny

  • Whiskey Rebellion

    - A tax on products manufacture, sale, or distribution.
  • Whiskey rebellion

    whiskey rebellion ends
  • Election of 1800

    Thomas Jefferson vs. John Adams
    -Jefferson wins
  • Marbury vs. Madison

    established the concept of Judicial Review or the ability of the Judiciary Branch to declare a law unconstitutional
  • War of 1812

    Brittish burned down the white house.
    hawk- violent approach
    dove- peaceful approach
  • Treaty of Ghent

    Declared the war of 1812 over
  • Texas Revolution

    rebellions errupted because of revoked local powers
  • Texas Revolution

    Revolution ends
  • Mexican-American War

    mexico considered texas part of mexican territory but texans said it was part of the U.S. United states won and conquered NM and California
  • Mexican American War

    war ends