By 538433
  • Countries and there rulers

    Most place's across Europe are ruled by differerent countrie's like Italy was ruled by Austria and Germany was being ruled by Prussia.
  • The conflicts

    well people were getting tired of being ruled by another country and somepeople were starting to rebel becuase a new thing was rolling around it was nationalism

    people were on starting to go on a rampage like in Italy a group of people (Giuseppe Garibaldi and Camillo di Cavour) were going to gather up an army then ATTACK
  • The weakining of Austria and Prussia

    Well now the Austriain's and the Prussian's were getting weaker and Germany and Italys' resistance groups or nationlism groups were gaining Germany is already unified
  • The last push

    Well the fight between Italy and Austria is insane people are dying left and right (not to sound gory or demented) but i know and i bet the general or Italys army knew they were going to win.

    Now Germany AND Italy have won there indepence but they are still going to watch out in case a soldier or two might come and attack