Fredricks d.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

  • Frederick Douglass' Birth

    No one knows exactly WHEN frederick douglass was born, he never even knew himself, but with a little research we found that his birthday is somewhere around planting season. Planting season, as we found, for what ahe is planting is in february.
  • Frederick Douglass learns to read.

    Learning to read has helped douglas with many important events in his life. Creating his books is one of the major ones. If he never learned to read he couldnt write and if he couldnt write he couldnt have became the man that he turned into or write his books, because if you cannot read, you cannot write.
  • The first runaway of Frederick Douglass.

  • Fredrick Douglass marries Anna Murray.

    A lot of things that happened early in the life of Frederick Douglass helped him do things in his older years of life. He couldn’t have done a lot of the things that he did if it wasn’t for people and things that helped him out in the past. Frederick Douglass was a very loving man; he cared about a lot of people. He helped people that were being hard worked and beaten TRY to escape. He was the best, and to hear his story made me very sad.
  • Frederick Douglass joins the anti-slavery conventions.

  • Narrative of the life of Fredrick Douglass was first created.

  • Frederick Douglass joins the "North Star".

  • The new "North Star" becomes Frederick Douglass' paper.

  • Frederick Douglass is the draw.

  • The 2nd book comes out.