My Weight Loss Journey

  • Fat and Miserable

    Fat and Miserable
    With multiple health problems compounding my misery, I consulted with a doctor about having gastric bypass surgery to help me lose some weight.
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    My Weight Loss Journey

  • RNY Surgery Performed--Weight 410 pounds

    RNY Surgery Performed--Weight 410 pounds
  • 100 pounds gone!

    100 pounds gone!
    By Christmas 2006, just 4 months later, I'd already lost 100 pounds!
  • 6 Months Out--down 120 pounds

    6 Months Out--down 120 pounds
    6 months after my RNY gastric bypass surgery, I'd lost 120 pounds!
  • Eliza's Graduation

    Eliza's Graduation
    I was able to attend my daughter's graduation and participate in family photo-taking without feeling like the fat chick anymore!
  • Participated in Marathon Relay

    Participated in Marathon Relay
    I walked 5 miles in 55 minutes as part of a relay team in the Bi-Lo marathon in Myrtle Beach, SC. I was one of a team of 5 who all walked 5 to 6 miles to complete one leg of the race for our team.
  • Back to work full time

    Back to work full time
    On November 18th, 2009, I returned to the classroom full time and began teaching social studies at LaBelle High School--the same high school I graduated from in 1985.
  • NSV--CHADD Conference--Matt Morgan

    NSV--CHADD Conference--Matt Morgan
    The new, more confident me--with TNA wrestler Matt Morgan... Never would have approached him at 410 pounds!