My US History Class

  • Black Gold

    he use black gold to make oil. After the outomobile became popular, gasoline became the most important form of oil. though easter Native America settlers had little use for oil.
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  • Militarism

    by 1890 the strongest nation ont he European continent was Germany, wich had set up an army reserve system that drafted and trained young men. as an island nation Britain had always relied on its navy for defense and the British navy was the strongest in the world. soon British and German shipyards compated to built the largest battleship and destroyers.
  • the end of monarchy

    when kalakaua died in 1892, his sister queen liliuokalani come to power with a hawaii for hawaiians agendas. she proposed removing the property-owning qualifications for voting. to prevent this from happining business groups-encouraged by ambassador john L. Stevens-orhanized a revolution.
  • the second war for independence

    jose marti, a cuban poet and journalist in exile in new york, launcled a revolution in 1895. marti counted on provaking u.s interentation to help the rebels achieve cuba libre= a free cuba.
  • military rule

    during the spanish- american war, united state force, under general nelson A. as his soldier took control, general miles issued a statement assuring puerto rico that the americans were there the bring your protection not only to yourself,
  • Rasing an Army

    to meet the government need for more fighting power, congress passed the selective service act in may 1917. the act required men to register with the government in order to randomly end of 1918, 24 milliions men had registered under the act. all of those this number almost 3 millions were colled up. about 2 millions troops reached Europe before the truce was signed and three-fourths of them saw actual combat.
  • War Economy

    by contrast, stookholders in large corperation saw enormous profits. one industrial manufacturer, the dupont company, saw its stook miltiply in value 1,600 percent between`914 and 1918. by that time the company was earning a $68-millions yearly . as a result of the uneun pay between labor and managenent, increasing work hours, child labor, and dangerously.
  • Organized Crime

    Organized Crime
    Chicago became notorious as the home of Al Copone, gangster whose bootlegging empired netted over $60 million a year. Capone yook control of the Chicago liquor business by killing off his competition.
  • The Flapper

    The Flapper
    an emancipated young women who embraced the new fashions and urban attiudes of the day. many young women became more assertive. in their bid for equall status with men, some began smoking cigarettes, drinking in public, and talking openly about sex-actions that would have ruined their reputations not many years before.
  • The Move North

    between the 1910-1920, in a movement knows as the great migration, hundreds ofthousand of africa americans had uprooted themselves from their homes in the south and moved north to the big cities in search of jobs.
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    Roaring 20's

  • School Enrollments.

    that number had risen to nearly 4 million, an increase sparked by properous time and higher education standards for industry jobs. prior to the 1920s, high schools had catered to college-bounds student. in contrst, high schools of the 1920s began offering a broad range of curses such as vocational training for those interested in industrial jobs.
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    the great depression

  • the war in the philippines

    the spanish thought the americans would invade cube, but the first battle af the war took place in a spanish colony an the other side of the worls- the philippine islandas. deweys victory allowed u.s troops to land in the philippines.