My Times

  • I'm Here!

    I'm Here!
    March 13, 1997 at about 5:30PM I am born. Later that night nurses at the hospital find out the only way I will go to sleep is if I am in a swing. Picture:Google Images
  • Period: to

    My Times

  • 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

    9/11 Terrorist Attacks
    A normal day for all Americans that ended in chaos due to one man, Osama bin Laden. He orchestrated this attack that ended with two planes flying into the Twin Towers in NYC and one plane flying into The Pentagon in Washington D.C. Picture:Google Images
  • Moving To Ely

    Moving To Ely
    Until now I have lived in a small apartment in Cedar Rapids with my mom, dad, and sister, Bri. We move to a house in downtown Ely and have lived there since then. Picture:Google Images
  • My 1st Dog, Hunter

    My 1st Dog, Hunter
    My mom and dad decide to randomly stop at Petco and the Humane Society has dogs there at the time. In a kennel is a black and white dog that is fat and sleeping. My dad fell in love with him and convinced my mom to get our first dog, Hunter. Picture:Google Images Picture:Google Images
  • Indonesia Tsunami

    Indonesia Tsunami
    A tsunami rushed through the Pacific Ocean and headed right toward Indonesia with little warning. Due to being caught off guard the people there were not ready and there were many deaths. One positive from this was the tsunami brought up many fish from the bottom of the ocean that humans had never seen before. Picture:Google Images
  • 1st Niece, Skylar

    1st Niece, Skylar
    My first niece Skylar is born at 2AM. Me and my family stayed up at the hospital all night long. Me and Skylar have such a great connection that not even we can understand it. Picture:Google Images
  • My 2nd Dog

    My 2nd Dog
    Someone Bri knew from work died and he was a dog breeder. He didn't sell all of the dogs he had and his wife did not want them anymore so she was giving them away for free or putting them down in a week. Again, my dad convinces my mom to get our second dog, Ozzy. Picture:Google Images
  • EF5 Tornado Hits Parkersburg

    EF5 Tornado Hits Parkersburg
    An EF5 tornado rips through Parkersburg and leaves a path of destruction and casualties. Everyone around teams up and helps clean up the town. The high school football team's head coach Ed Thomas is one of the main leaders of the clean up efforts. Picture:Google Images
  • Floods of 2008

    Floods of 2008
    After a lot of melted snow in the winter and a lot of rain in the spring and summer, the only place for the rain to go is the rivers. One of the rivers that floods is the Cedar River and on this day it reaches the highest level of the flood, and a new record. We are still cleaning up from this in 2011. Picture:Google Images
  • 1st Niece Killed

    1st Niece Killed
    Skylar is airlifted to the hospital after she stops breathing during a nap. She is pronounced dead a few minutes after midnight. Autopsy reveals she died from blunt force trauma to the chest and abdomen and police arrest my sister and her boyfriend. Picture:Google Images
  • Obama For President!

    Obama For President!
    Presidential canidate Barack Obama of the Democrats beats Republican opponent John McCain to become the next president of the United States. Obama is the first African-American president
  • 2nd Niece, Alissa

    2nd Niece, Alissa
    My second niece Alissa is born, really early in the morning just like her half-sister. Guests were constantly in and out of the hospital room and after about two days my sister finally had some alone time with Alissa. DHS took this chance to take Alissa out of the room and away from my sister. Picture:Google Images
  • Grandpa's Strokes

    Grandpa's Strokes
    My grandpa's health is perfect and my grandma's is the exact opposite so we always thought something would happen to her, until my grandpa had some strokes. It was a major wake up call for all of my family because we thought he was invincible, but even the healthiest people can have strokes. Picture: Google Images