My timeline Project 2

  • My Birth

    I was born
  • Period: to

    My Life

    My life
  • September 11 attacks

    They were a series of attacks launched by al Qaeda in the USA on the World Trade Centre on Tuesday, Sept 11 2001 I chose this because it showed how terrifying terrorism is.
  • Went to England for the first time

    I went to see my grandma for the first time.
  • The Queen Mother dies

    She died at a ripe old age of 101 years old.
    The Queen Mother passed away at Royal Lodge, Windsor, at 3.15pm on Saturday with the current Queen by her side.I chose this because the Queen Mother was regarded ads the backbone of Britain.
  • I celebrated my 1st year old birthday

  • The Iraq wars

    The Iraq wars begin March 19 with the US and allied forces invade Iraq.
    It was a war in Iraq where the terrorists and Saddam Hussein fought against the allies, US and UK and other countries
  • I went to nursery for first time

    I started nursery at Kiangsu Chekiang Kindergarten for school.
    I was a very happy boy.
  • Facebook

    Facebook launches.
    I chose this because Facebook is an important breakthrough in social media.
  • Started chinese painting

    It was really fun!
  • Gymnastics

    I started gymnastics
  • Youtube

    Youtube is founded. It is an important place for sharing videos and it has lots of videos already.
  • Mozart's 250th anniversary

    Celebrations are held in Salzburg and around the world. i chose this because i like Mozart's music
  • First time in a hospital having a operation

    I had a operation. It was really scary
  • Granmother moved up to North Yorkshire

    Granma moved up for neighbourhood reasons
  • Harry Potter's last book

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is published, and over 11 million copies had been sold and the first day. It becamethe fastest selling book in history. I like reading books and Harry Potter is one of my favourite series. i chose this as I was proud this book became the fastest selling book in history
  • Sichuan earthquake

    it was a dealdy earthquake measuring 8.0 magnitude. it's epicentre is in Wenchuan county. It was 50miles for Chengdu. I chose this as this was in the main news and also lots of people died.
  • Fencing

    I did fencing
  • Sattelite crash

    A Russian and American satellite crash over Siberia. The satellites are Iridium 33 and Cosmos 2251.
    i chose this becaise I never heard of satellites crashing before. Satellites are also very interseting as they are actually very complicated machines.
  • Burj Khalifa

    The Burj Khalifa was opened. i chose this because it is the tallest man made structure in the world.
  • Japan earthquake and disaster

    There was a Japanese Earthquke. It ahd a Magnitude of 9.0. it was very deadly as it lead to a nuclear power plant accident. From the world's bank, it said that it was the most costlest disaster in history. I chose this because I have friend living in the area where the earthquake struck but luckily, they did not lost anything or get hurt.
  • London olympics

    I chose this as it was the third time London hosted the Olympic games, and London was the first city to have hosted 3 Olympic Games.
  • London Olympics

  • Royal baby George born

    He was born from the Duke of Cambrigde and the Duchess. I chose this because it keeps the royal family going.