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  • birthday

    its pretty obvious why i put my birthday in here without my birthday i wouldnt be here today.
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  • moving to australia

    moving to australia
    I moved to australia when i was very small so i couldnt remember much but it was a very important day in my life
  • first day of primary school

    first day of primary school
    Primary school was the best. I went to park Ridge primary school which you knoiw as the primary school nex to this one.
  • Undefeated cricket team

    Undefeated cricket team
    This was the best ever cricket season ever we one every single match which was pretty sweet.
  • Hawks win Grandfinal

    Hawks win Grandfinal
    Now this one is pretty obvious Mr Ryan. Hawks are the best team to ever live and when they beat geelong it was the beeessst.
  • 48 runs in a game of cricket(new highscore)

    48 runs in a game of cricket(new highscore)
    This was the best moment of my life!!!! I got my highest score in a game of cricket. 47 runs not out.
  • Graduation

    This is probably one of the best and memorable moments of my life. Graduation was the funnest day ever, everything about thaty day was amazing.
  • Highschool!!!!!

    Highschool is important because it is an important stage in life. its harder work, more important subjects and its just a bigger stage in my life.