My Timeline

By rasmush
  • My birth

    My birth happened in the central of Singapore hospital and I began my life. (well in alot of other places for a change)
  • The land of Danes

    I moved home and experienced the sweet smell of the countryside with my family because we lived close to the country side. (well after being there for half a year I got use to the smell)
  • I started K.G

    I started my first day of school in a small kindergarden
    (it probably was'nt that know to be great)
  • The chinese smell of land

    We whitnesed the chinese land of smeell. (It realy does smell that bad if you know what i'm talking about)
  • The year of 1

    I got to the year of 1 in school. 2+2=4 well now I defanetly know that as a fact
  • The worst move

    I was playing rugby with my friend and fell on my finger and needed a cast on for three moths.
    (if only I brought my own football to play with)
  • The desert is hot!!

    I moved to Dubai and wow that was a hot experience for a kid use to cold bad weather.
    YES!!! :)
  • The year of 4

    Year 4 here I come to learn boring stuff I need to in D.I.A.
    (it probably helped if I already learnt it)
  • The year of 5

    I moved up and got broke down but now I'm living the dream of the stream.
    (and I'm not jokiing about the broke down bit I swear)