MY timeline

  • Myself Born

    im angela, right now im 15 years old im the oldest
  • my sis dashai

    this is my sister dashai, she is second born of the family, shes 14 years old
  • my sis miesha

    this is my sis miesha, she is 11 years old, shes the third oldest in the family
  • daycare

    i went to my first daycare and met some new people
  • my 3rd sis (shaniyah

    my sister shaniyah is born on a holiday (christmas), she is 10 years old
  • moved from c leveland to north olmsted

    we moved from cleveland to north olmstead
  • moving back to cleveland

    we moved back to cleveland when i turned 10 years old and started going to cleveland schools
  • went to luis agassiz

    i went to luis agassiz in 5th grade to 7th grade (3 years)
  • Baby sister born (olivia)

    my the youngest of all siblings
  • Robison G Jones

    i went to R.G jones for the rest of my middleschool years (2010-2011

    i went to newtech in 9th grade, im still attending