My Timeline

  • First Electric quitar

    First Electric quitar
    The first electric quitar was invented in 1931 and was used to amplify the sounds of the quitar by jazz musicians
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  • World War 2 ends

    World War 2 ends
    America was estatic the day world war 2 ended because it ment no more men leaving home to die and everyone was happy.
  • Woodstock

    Woodstock was a 3 day concert where bands like the who and jimi hendrix all cam together to put on a great show for the Hippie movement that was occuring at the time
  • vietnam war ends

    vietnam war ends
    when the vietnam war ended the U.S was all together celebrating. everyone was so happy this long brutal war was over.
  • Richard Nxon impeached

    Richard Nxon impeached
    Nixon was impeached do to the watergate scandel.He did alot with the time he had in office and it was a shame he was imeached
  • Elvis Died

    Elvis Died
    The day elvis presley died was a sad day in america. he was considered the king of rock and roll and when he died he took that name with him
  • Tigers win the world series

    Tigers win the world series
    the tiger won the world series against the san diego padres. this was a great time for Detroit, many people celebrated and were very happy.
  • Parents Wedding day

    Parents Wedding day
    This was the day my parents got married. it seems like a very long time ago and only 5 years later i was born
  • Sisters birthday

    when my sister was born it was my families first child and my parents lives havent been the same since.
  • My birthday

    My birthday
    This was a great day for the world because it was the day i came into it.
  • Brothers Birthday

    Brothers Birthday
    The day my brother was born was imprtant to me because i have been taking care of him ever since
  • Pistons win championship

    Pistons win championship
    This was the year the pistons won the NBA championship. I remember this year becuase i watched the game and i went to see the pistons alot after that.
  • Micheal Jacksons death

    Micheal Jacksons death
    The day micheal jackson died was a sad day for the world. he was known around the world for making some of the best music the world has ever heard. his dance moves were crazy too.
  • The day i get my license

    The day i get my license
    The day i get to drive a car will me a great day because it will bring freedom to my life