my time line

Timeline created by matthew dampier
  • born and a hostage crisist

    born and a hostage crisist
    born 22 april 1997
    A 126-day hostage crisis at the residence of the Japanese ambassador in Lima, Peru ends after government commandos storm and capture the building, rescuing 71 hostages. One hostage dies of a heart attack, two soldiers are killed from rebel fire, and all 14 rebels are slain
    and pincess diana died on my baptisom day 31 august
  • one year old

    i lernt how to walk and crawl
    and went to bowen that year
  • two years old

    i learnt to run and climb
  • three years old

    three years old
    i got a pool and grandpa died
  • four years old

    i started preschool in 2001
  • five years old

    i was in year 1 at bundamba state primary school
  • six years old

    year 2
  • seven years old

    i started getting in to footy when i went to the queensland vs new south wales game.
  • eight years old

    i went to camberra to vist my uncle
  • nine years old

    i first played football for west end bulldogs at east ipsitch the junior league was formed in 1992 back then i was a winger because i was fast and could run fast
  • ten years old

    went to the ipswitch show
    played the violin and the saxophone for the school at bundamba state school
  • eleven years old

    first birthday after my sister died
    stopped playing football at the end of the year
    played basketball for school
  • twelve years old

    year 7
    and played the drums for a music assesment
  • thirteen years old

    thirteen years old
    first year of high school at spcc
  • fourteen years old

    second year of high school
    got my appendix removed and then had to go back to hospital because my kidney had to much flulid in it because of my appendix and spent 1 and a half weeks in hospital
  • fifteen years old

    my brother choped the tip of his finger off
  • sixteen years old

    starts year eleven this year
    got a new laptop for my birthday