My Theatre Carrier

  • Born

    I was born in Phoenix Arizona
  • Little brother

    Little brother
    My little brother was born just one year after I was.
  • Painting

    I started to paint and create my own ideas.
  • The111

    I took a Theatre class which sparked my interest to theatre. My teacher was Mr B.
  • Halloween

    This was the first Halloween I designed my own costume and I was Alvan from Alvan and The Chimpmuncks
  • Helping Community Theatres

    After high school I decided to take a break from education and volunteered to help a local theatre. Later I found out help was wanted at another theater which their costume designer quite.
  • Graduated HighSchool

    I went to high school at Phoenix College Prep Academy where I explored many art forms. I then knew for sure I was going to carrie out a theatre carrier.
  • Helping the Theatre 2

    This play was about Disneys Sleeping Beauty and because I was the only costume designer I was rushing to get everyone's costumes done. The director struggled to find a location in Phoenix so she fund one in Las Vegas.
  • Recognition

    I got lots of recognition for my sleeping beauty dress design. People loved it and it was trending on social media where theatre directors wanted to hire me.
  • The Sleeping Beauty

    The Sleeping Beauty
    The local theatre premiered in February and it was a live action play of "The Sleeping Beauty". The tickets sold out and it was preformed at Treasure Island -TI Hotel and Casino, at Las Vegas. Tickets sold out and people loved it.
  • CCL

    I got The Certificate of Completion in Technical Theatre which helps students prepare for a wide range of careers within theatre operations and productions. I was 19 years old.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Arts

    The jobs I wanted to take they required some sort of education so I went back to school to get a BA and it took me four years. I was 23 years old.
  • "The Story Behind Evil"

    Preparation for this play began in September. This play was about the true mythology behind Medusa. She was a beautiful woman who was raped by Poseidon, killed and beheaded by Perseus. Athena got angry with Medusa and cursed her with a head full of snakes and a gaze that turns men into stone. I was the costume designer and co-director of this play because we were short staffed.
  • "The Truth Behind Evil" 2

    "The Truth Behind Evil" 2
    The play was set in The Palace Theatre in New York City. It was a huge success and tickets sold out with people loving Medusa's mythology and seeing the other gods.
  • Vacation

    I went on Vacation with my sister Marlen and her family to Europe for 2 months and went to Asia for another 2 months.
  • Child

    I adopted my kid Adilien when she was 3 years old.
  • "Sun"

    This play was about a tragic love story where two loving parents were murdered because of a the dad's brother's jealousy. Their little girl was left to grow up alone. My daughter wanted to play the role of the little girl and I was the director.
  • First Book

    My first book was "Anne Jane" and it was about a girl who was lost in the woods. After two months of her being completely alone se started to hear and see a horrible monster trying to sacrifice her but maybe she wasn't just seeing things.
  • Retirement

    I retired at age 45 and moved to Europe with my daughter and her family. I wrote books for her kids and designed clothes for them.
  • Death

    I died at age 65 in Italy.