My Tech TImeline

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    My Tech Timeline

  • 1995

    First time I watched TV was when I was little, I can remember my favorite TV show was Rocket Power, Scooby-Doo, and Cat-Dog.
  • 1998:

    The first time I played a play station was when I was three. I remember playing a Need for Speed game.
  • 2000

    the first time I played a Nintendo 64, even though their older than Play Station, I played play station before Nintendo.
  • 2002:

    The first time I ever watched Dish TV. I remember watching SpongeBob, and I used to watch Law and Order with my neighbor..
  • 2007

    The very first time I heard of and used a digital camera, was at my grandma’s house. It’s a Kodiak Easy share.
  • 2009

    Sent my first text message, I can’t remember who it was to, or what it said.
  • 2011

    Very first time I played the wii, I used to be fat and now I’m skinny because of the wii fit.