My summer


    I got to got shoot guns. Then when we had a tv that stoped working i got to shoot it and it EXPLODED. it was aawsome. The TV was dust.

    I got to fire all kinds of fireworks. We got to go camping. I got to light a big firework that blew my ears out. then i blew a hole in the ground.
  • four-wheeling

    I got to go do donets.
  • Swimming

    i went swimming in my moms big pool. it is 10ft deep. Lot of partys happened in the pool. Lots of good food was eaten
  • Worlds of fun

    Worlds of fun
    I got to go to worlds of funs. the biggest waterpark around. I got to go on the biggest rolercoster. i barfed in the middle on it.
  • Last day of summer

    Last day of summer
    I was stuck in the house all day. But i went outside and mest around. I got to go play with my little kitten. shes two months old.
  • First day

    First day
    It was the first day of 8th grade. It was cool getting to see all the new things that happen to the school. Then we got to see all the new student and aduilts. Then you got to see all the teacher.