My side of the mountain

  • Sam left home

    No exact date for this event.
  • Sam finished his tree house

    his tree was 6 ft round.
  • Strawberry Lady

    Strawberry Lady goes to the Catskill Mnts every sprin
  • Sam finds Frightful

    Frightful was just a baby when Sam took her but her mom didn't relize anything wrong.
  • Sam finished his bed.

    Sam finished his bed now he dosen't need to sleep on the floor.
  • Sam dug a pit to trap a deer.

    Sam traps the deer because he maybe hungry.
  • Frightful can jump from a stump to Sam's fist

  • Sam finished his pants.

    They fit well, and were the best-looking pants Sam ever seen.
  • It said one morning...

    Frightful met Jesse Coon James.
  • It say one fine day in August so exact date unknown.

    Sam took Frightful out to the woods.
  • The raft is almost done.

    Bando has promised to stay until we can sail out into the deep fishing poles
  • Horrible climate for Bando to be firing clay jars

    Bando was firing clay jars to put jam in.
  • September blazed in the moutains.

  • Bando taught Sam how to make willow whistles.

    To play music.
  • Today the Baron Weasel looked moldy

    But it occur to Sam that he might be changing his summer fur for his white winter mantle.
  • Sam sand dragged the clay up the mountian.

  • Sam went up and down the mountain everyday for a week.

    Watching to see if walnuts and hickorynuts are ripe.
  • The Baron weasel knows its Halloween

    So Sam wants to have a Halloween party
  • Sam was dressed in deer skin head to toe.

    Sam gets 3 deer so he decides to make clothes out of there skin.
  • Hunting season began

    Sam tricks the hunter and get 3 deers out of them.
  • The snow flurry began.

    Sam is in his first snowstorm in the treehome.
  • Sam thinks Its the fourth or 5th

    Sam is describing his treehome and the snow flurry ends.
  • Sam wondered if Bando will come.

    Because Bando said he will come back on Christmas.
  • Bando has still not arrived.

    Sam is planning a very a small Christmas party with Frightful.
  • Bando arrived.

    Bando said" ho ho ho."
  • Sam's dad comes.

    For Christmas
  • A small tunnell leads out of Sam's door and into the snow.

    A mouse maybe.
  • Sam's dad left.

    After New Years.
  • Sam took Frightful out today to catch a rabbit.

    Frightful maybe hungry.
  • The weather gave a little to the sun.

    Snow melted and limbs popped up into the air.
  • The forest arose.

    Do to the glorious weather.
  • Sam began feeling tired,and his elbows and knees were stiff.

    This did not frighten Sam.
  • The deer has pressed all around Sam.

    They were hungry.
  • Sam thinks the great horned owls have eggs.

    Because the moon is white the snow is hard packed.
  • It is Sping in the maple.

    Two great horned owl eggs lie in the cold snow-rimmed cavity in the broken top of the tree.
  • Sam could have told you it was Spring without looking.

  • Sam was no longer living off a store house.

  • Sam was digging tubers.

    It said one day.
  • June burst

  • Dad came.

    Dad brought the whole family withhim.