My Professional Timeline

  • SUNY Oneonta

    SUNY Oneonta
    I attended SUNY Oneonta for my undergraduate studies in Elementary Education (1-6) from 2003-2007.
  • London

    I studied abroad during the fall semester of 2005 in London, England. I attended London Metropolitian University where I studied art history and traveled extensively throughout Europe.
  • Student Teaching

    Student Teaching
    I student taught in the Syosset School District at Robbins Lane Elementary School in the fall of 2007. I was placed in a 2nd grade and a 4th grade classroom.
  • Undergraduate Graduation

    Undergraduate Graduation
    I graduated from SUNY Oneonta with my B.S. in Elementary Education (1-6). I also recieved my initial Teacher Certification for Childhood Education (1-6).
  • Learning Center Teacher

    Learning Center Teacher
    I worked in the Syosset School District at Robbins Lane Elementary School as a teacher in the Learning Center from Feb-June 2008. I was responsible for meeting the individual needs of students grades K-5 and addressing these needs in an effective, multi-sensory way.
  • Huntington School District

    Huntington School District
    I have been working in the Hungtinton School District since September 2008 at Jack Abrams Intermediate. I am currently a 1:1 aide for a boy who has autism in a 4th, 5th, 6th grade classroom. My classroom is a 12:1:1 setting containing students who have various special needs. I am responsible for impletementing my students' Behavioral Intervention Plan as well as helping this student reach the IEP goals
  • St. Joseph's College

    St. Joseph's College
    I began my Graduate studies at St. Joseph's College in the fall of 2008. I entered the Master's program for Special Education.
  • Graduation: St. Joseph's College

    Graduation: St. Joseph's College
    I graduated from St. Joseph's College with my M.A. in Special Education (Birth through 21 years) with an annotation in severe and multiple disabilities. I also have my Teacher Certification in Special Education.
  • Future Accomplishment: Special Educator

    Future Accomplishment: Special Educator
    For the 2010 school year and beyond I would like the oppurtunity to have my own classroom, preferably one in the special education field, however any classroom would be an amazing oppurtunity. Whether it be an inclusion class, a lifeskills class, a self-contained class, or a general education class I will be ready and willing to be an extraordinary teacher. I am prepared to take on any challeges that may come my way and I will approach them with confidence.