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  • The Birth of Me

    The Birth of Me
    The day i was born. well more like the night i was born. i was born three seconds befor the next day. so i think thats a pretty cool fact about my coming in to the world.
  • My "First" Steps

    My "First" Steps
    i was a lazy baby and i didnt even want to crawl. all this is according to my mother. i liked to jump in the bouncy chair though, but i wouldnt walk for a while.
  • kindergarten first day of school

    kindergarten first day of school
    this is the day i started kindergarten. sorta i dont remember the exactday but i think it was around this time. it was cool i guess i was pretty tall in the class.
  • Start of middle school

    Start of middle school
    so we moved asround a lot and my elementary school went all the way up to teh sixth grade, fifth grade i moved up here and went and did my last year ( sixth grade) in gilbert elemantary. it was okay iguess no big deal.
  • Orchestra

    i started to paly the bass in elemantary school so i continued here
  • middle school

    middle school
    yeah in middle school now pretty cool Mesquite jr high used to be mesquite high school then a bunch of kids came over and they made a bigger school. so needless to asy middle school was pretty cool considering the fact that we had a fricking pool.
  • 8th grade Extravaganza

    8th grade Extravaganza
    IN my middle school if you passed your classes with higher then a D you got to participate inthye 8th gRade extravaganza. basically it was a huge school fair, and since we have a huge pool with two slides, needless to say taht it was pretty awesome.
  • Freshman year

    Freshman  year
    nervus as heck. im freshmeat and i didnt want to be aloner. i paniced the first day. nextday was pretty good. i liked the school and i didnt get bullied. whoohoo yay.
  • sophmore year

    sophmore year
    well i got past my first wek of sophmore year. needless to say that i will be doing better my junior year. not going to slack off that year no sr.
  • Now

    well this is weird. at the moment i am in class i made a pizza cake. it was very good and im stuffed liek a turkey.
  • Tomorrows events

    Tomorrows events
    IM GOING TO SLEEP! yes i must catch up on my zzzzs ugh samantha nexty to me keeps bothering me to go with her to this open house for this collge. i might push her off her chair in aq minute. as you can tell by my typos im very tired.
  • junior year

    junior year
    well junior year is a bit better then the first few years of highschool. more pressure whith realizing i only have one more year of high shcool then off to college
  • winter break

    winter break
    woohoo semester is pretty much over and i passed with pretty good grades.
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