My Personal and Wordly Timeline

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  • I was Born

    I was Born
    On April 12 1999, I was born in Boston, Massachussetts.
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    My Personal and Wordly TImespan

    A timespan of 9 personal and wordly events, that had either an impact on the world or an impact on my personal life, beginning in the year 1999 and ending in 2009.
  • 9/11 Attacks

    9/11 Attacks
    On Tuesday, September 11th, 2001, two hijacked passenger planes were intentionally crashed into New York's World Trade Towers, causing them to collapse. There were over 2900 deaths including those of the terrorists who had hijacked the planes and the passengers in the planes. Former Al-Qeada leader, Osama bin laden, initially denied involvement, but later admitted to orchestrating the attacks. As a result of the attacks, many governments around the world passed new anti-terrorism laws.
  • My First Day of School

    My First Day of School
    In September 2002, I spent my first day at Durham Elementary Private School. Four or five years later, it was through DEPS that my parents and I heard about Trinity College School, a school which I now attend, from peers and parents.
  • Michaelle Jean announced as Gov. General

    Michaelle Jean announced as Gov. General
    On August 4th 2005, Prime Minister Paul Martin announced that Michaelle Jean would be the 27th -as well as the first black- Canadian Governer General. Since that day, she has made a difference in the world in many ways, including visiting and helping out after the Haiti earthquake.
  • My First Hockey Game

    My First Hockey Game
    My first hockey game was what made me want to join a hockey league so that I could become a better player. I ended up joining the Oshawa Girls Hockey Association and played for them for 4 years. Last year I joined the Clarington Flames League and this October will mark the beginning of my second year playing for the Flames and my sixth year playing hockey. Looking back, I'm really glad that I decided to join a league.
  • 1st iPhone announced

    1st iPhone announced
    On January 9th, 2007 Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, announced the arrival of the first iPhone of many. The iPhone, although it was neither the first smartphone, nor the first touch screen cellphone, was definitely the beginning of the 'smartphone era'. Shortly following the arrival of the iPhone, companies such as LG, Android, Blackberry and many others created their own smartphones. Today, people across the globe own the newest smartphones, but it all began with the Iphone.
  • My Little Brother was Born

    My Little Brother was Born
    My brother, Arjun is four years old now. I'm eight years older than him and every day when I come home he's smiling and laughing. He has impacted my life in countless ways including just being another person in the house.
  • Badminton summer camp

    Badminton summer camp
    When I was nine years old, I spent one week of my summer at a badminton summer camp. The following September, I joined a year round recreational badminton club in Courtice. The next year I joined a competitive club and have been playing in that club for the last two years. Badminton will always be a part of my life and looking back, I'm glad i decided to go to camp that summer.
  • Barrack Obama is inaugurated

    Barrack Obama is inaugurated