MY life timeline

  • My birth

    When i was born
  • Period: to

    Era 1

    This era is from when i was one year old to when i was five years old. during this time I lived in new york and around my fourth brithday i moved to new jersey. Here in new jersey i enrolled in a preschool called village montessori where i met jacob and eric (in our class).
  • talking

    I learned to talk around eight months.
  • Walking

    I started walking around my first birthday.
  • I started simming

    I started swimming around when i was four
  • Beginning at village montessori

    This is my first day at village montessori pre-school. i will go here for two years.
  • Period: to

    Era 2

    This time period is from when i was five years old to when i was ten years old. This includes when i started being homeschooled in third grade after going to public school for two years. While i was homeshcooled i moved up a grade and went from third straight to fifth grade.
  • Reading

    I started reading when i was five in kindergarten.
  • Knitting and math

    When i was five i learned to knit, to divide, multiply, add, and subtract
  • Braces

    I got my braces when i was six
  • Swimming with dolphins

    Summer before my first day homeschooled my family went to this plac ein florida called discovery cove where we swam with dolphins, sting rays, other fish.
  • First day homeschooled

    My first day being homeschooled. I will be homeschooled for two years before going to private school.
  • Period: to

    Era 3

    This time period includes when i was ten years old to now when i am currently fourteen years old and up until i will be fifteen years old. During this time i went to a private school in sixth grade then started public school again when i was in seventh grade where i went to J.P. Case.
  • snorkel

    easter fifth grade I learned to snorkel in hawaii.
  • First day at Princeton Latin Academy

    This is my first day in private school. It is called princeton latin academy and i will go here for one year in sixth grade.
  • First day back in public school

    The day i went back to public school. this was seventh grade and i was going to the school called J.P. Case.
  • Lost my cat of twelve years

    My cat of eleven years, snowy, passed away.
  • Lost my dog of thirteen years

    around easter of last year i lost my dog lucy who had been with our family for thirteen years.
  • First day of high school

    My first day in Hunterdon central regional high school. I was very nervous.
  • Got my new dog

    I got my dog jax who is still small and so fluffy.
  • Period: to

    Marine biology camp

    This summer i am going to florida for a marine biology camp. I will be spending two weeks here and we will be studying many different types of animals.
  • Period: to

    Era 4

    This time period contains the time when i will be fifteen years old to when i will be twenty years old. During this time i will finish high school and begin college. Hopefully getting good grades in the A and high B range. I will live at my parents house for the rest of high school adn most likely live in a college dorm for the duration of college visiting home every once in a while.
  • Last day of high school

    This will be my last day at Hunterdon central regional high school. It will be my senior graduation!
  • First day of college

    This will be approximately my first day of college. I dont know where im going though.