My Life So Far

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born june 9th 2013. i was supposed to be born August 11th but i was premature. I had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes.
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    My Life So Far

  • My Mom's Cousins Wedding

    My Mom's Cousins Wedding
    I was the flower girl in there wedding.All i reallt remeber is they had a party at the Springfield Country Club and i rode in a limo
  • Brother Born

    Brother Born
    My brother was born Febuary 25th, 2005. He is now 8 years old. He has hazel eyes and brown hair, I was 4 around this timw
  • First Holy Communion

    First Holy Communion
    I made my First Holy Communion that day. It was a pretty good day but I don't really remember much.I was in 2nd grade around that time.
  • T-Ball

    When i was in kindergarden i did T-Ball. It only lasted for about a year because i didn't like it that much. It wasn't really that fun to me
  • Tap Dancer

    Tap Dancer
    When I was in 1st grade i did tap dancing. I only did it for one year because i didn't like it that much. I think i was pretty good at it
  • Going to Florida

    Going to Florida
    When i was years old I went to Florida with my dad to visit my grandparents who stay there during the winter, We stayed there for a week or so and went to the beach pretty much everyday. We stayed in Big Pine Key Florida.
  • First Day Of Middle School

    That wwas the first day of middle school. I didn't really know anyone but i made a lot of good friends.
  • Grandpop Died.

    Grandpop Died.
    So my grandpop died that day. It was a really sad day because he was sick before but got better and then he got sicker.
  • Ghost Town Concert

    Ghost Town Concert
    October 1st i went to a concert eith my friends. The band we all went to go see was Ghost Town. We met them and it was a really fun day.