My Life So Far

By urbie
  • Birth

    I was born in the year of the snake, according to Chinese horoscopes.For example, I am a metal snake.They say that the snake is a deep thinker and a creative person.My motto is ''I Think''.Their gemstone is Opal.
  • Period: to

    my length of my life

  • 9/11 attacks

    9/11 attacks
    Terrorists attacked the Twin Towers in New York City.3,000 people died.Out of all of them,19 were hijackers.They also attacked the Pentagon. Including Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
  • Iraq War

    Iraq War
    The Iraq War started with a invasion of Iraq by the U.S.Iraq was led by Saddam Hussein while the U.S was led by George W.Bush.About 24,111 people died on the U.S side while 38,778 people were killed in the Iraq side. 72,539 were wounded on the U.S side. The war ended with Hussein being hanged.
  • 2004 Tsunami

    2004 Tsunami
    On Sunday, December 26,2004, there was a massive tsunami near Indonesia.It was one of the deadliest natural disasters in history.It killed over 230,000 people in 14 countries.It is the 5th worst natural disaster in history.45,752 people were reported missing.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on August 23,2005.It was the deadliest hurricane since the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane.1,836 people died and a lot of people were left homeless. The levee broke and it flooded the whole city of New Orleans.It is one of the 5 deadliest hurricanes.
  • Road trip across the country

    Road trip across the country
    I moved from Washington D.C to California in a 10-day trip.We passed St Louis and visited St Louis Zoo on the way.We also passed Nevada and a city called Reno, in Nevada.We passed Arkansas also. We visited a museum there too.
  • 2008 Summer Olympics

    2008 Summer Olympics
    11,028 athletes participated in the Beijing Olympics in 2008.It was the third time the Olympics were held in Asia.There were 302 events. Out of all the events, 28 were sports.They had the events in Beijing National Stadium, nicknamed The Bird's Nest.
  • Swine Flu Outbreak

    Swine Flu Outbreak
    The swine flu epidemic was the worst natural disaster of the decade.It took the lives of about 12,000 people.It was a new strain of swine flu.It was first described in April 2009.It did not affect people over 60.
  • getting Lego Star Wars The Video Game

    getting Lego Star Wars The Video Game
    I got Lego Star Wars The Video Game as a gift from my aunt before we went to Thailand.It came in a box with a PC label on it. It had a cd inside and a guide to the game. My aunt gave it to me gift-wrapped with hard paper on it.I took the game with me to Thailand.
  • Burj Kalifa opening

    Burj Kalifa opening
    The tallest tower in the world was completed on January 4, 2010.It was higher than the Teipei 101, the tallest building before Burj Kalifa.It is a skyscraper in Dubai,in the UAE.UAE is the United Arab Emirates.It is 2,717 feet in length.
  • 2010 FIFA World Cup

    2010 FIFA World Cup
    This world cup was held in South Africa fom June 11,2010 to July 11,2010.It is the 19th World Cup in history.It was the first time a african nation was picked for the location.The matches were held in 10 stadiums.The ten stadiams were in 9 cities.
  • Getting Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga

    Getting Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga
    I got Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga at a gameshop for pc games at a mall.The mall was called Fortune Town.They di'dnt have the game I liked, which was called Lego Star Wars 2:The Original Trilogy.So I got The Complete Saga instead.I got this in summer time.
  • Drawing at school

    Drawing at school
    I start to draw at school for a long time and drew empires and spaceships.The spaceships I drew were weird shapes.The empires I drew had weird shapes too.I began drawing Star Wars shps also. The spacshipes and empires I drew had people's names on it too.
  • Getting Kanoon, my dog

    Getting Kanoon, my dog
    We went to a person's house and I bought kanoon because she was biting on my shoes.There were almost 12 puppies there.A lot of puppies were biting on my shoes.A black puppy, below the sink,was chewing a rubber band too. In the end, I chose Kanoon because she was the only puppy left biting my shoes.
  • Getting a game console

    Getting a game console
    i went to Klong Tom and bought a PS3 from a game shop they had there for my birthday.There were so many game consoles there! There were PSPs,Wiis and Xboxs. There were also special edition Wiis and Ps3s.In the end,I picked the normal-color Ps3.
  • Getting a comic book

    Getting a comic book
    I got the comic book Foxtrot at Kinokuniya at Siam Paragon on a Sunday.They had a full comics section there.I wanted to get this set of books of calvin and hobbes, but it was too expensive.I found a section of foxtrot books there.And so I picked the book out.
  • Libyan Uprising

    Libyan Uprising
    It is a ongoing civil war in Libya. As of now, 200 soldiers have been captured on the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya side.Muammar Gaddafi shut down all communications and media in libya.He arrested libyans who had givan interviews.He beat the bbc news crew and in captivity for a week, held hostage 4 journalists for the new york times.
  • Nintendo 3DS release

    Nintendo 3DS release
    Nintendo released the 3DS, a 3D handheld game device.Some of the games on there were Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars and this 3D street fighting game.It is the same as Nintendo DS but it is 3D.One of the colors are blue.People in Europe were crazy about it when it launched.
  • buying Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars

    buying Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars
    i got a game called Lego Star Wars 3:The Clone Wars from a gameshop at Fashion Island.The shop was very crowded.There was a tv area for playing games. There was also 2 Tvs for testing consoles to buy them.I just went to a chair and pointed at the game I wanted.
  • Trying to get my dog Kanoon back from outside the gates

    Trying to get my dog Kanoon back from outside the gates
    My mom and me and dad tried to get Kanoon, my dog and we got her back.She was fighting with the street dogs near the temple. When we found her, she was hiding under a truck.It was for my mom's business. I was suprised she chased away dogs bigger than her.