My Life Is So Far

  • Michael Jordan Born

    OH Wow! HIs born the best basket ball player ever.
  • Nest/Sister Born

  • Nat/Sister Is Born

  • Birth 10:36

  • Opem My eyes

  • First Time Walking

    i keep on crawling. Then, the next month i walked.
  • One Years Old

  • Two Years Old

  • First Time On a Plane 10:36

  • First Time To Other Country

  • Three Years Old

  • Four Years Old

  • Five Years Old

  • My First Dog

  • Six Years Old

  • Seven Years Old

  • First Dog Died

  • Eight Year Old

  • Almost Fall Down a Mountain

    I wenthiking with my father. I slip down and my father my hand. Ireally need to be thankful to my dad.
  • Michael Jackson Died

    Michael Jackson Died
  • Nine Years Old

  • Earthquake In Japan

  • Bin Laden died

    Bin Laden died
    Bin Laden died! He got shoted on the head.