My Life :D (Tatyanna Gullatt)

  • 1st Grade

    1st Grade
    My teacher said I was a great writer. Thats when I knew I loved writing.
  • 2nd Grade

    2nd Grade
    After second grade I moved to another school, and I had all A's. It made me sad and I was closed off. I was happy about getting all A's.
  • 3rd grade

    3rd grade
    I was in my teacher's class and one day she told us she wouldn't be out teacher anymore and she told us she had to teach 4th grade because there were only 17 students in our class. I had a very rough 3rd grade year after the split up between 3 other classes.
  • 4th Grade

    4th Grade
    I joined little blossoms we did community service. My teacher Ms. McNeal helped me. I had a good experience she was funny, and she helped me a lot and I still talk to her to this day.
  • 5th Grade

    5th Grade
    This was the same as 4th grade we lost one of our teachers though and Mr. Neal taught us all subjects. I had fun he was funny we had a great graduation. It was sad to go but I still kept visiting while my siblings still went there.
  • 6th Grade

    6th Grade
    This grade was challenging I went to CSK then switched to JCY. I had to make new friends. People were fake! Had a first love. He makes my blood boil.
  • 7th Grade

    7th Grade
    Covid hit and was hard to stay focused in virtual. I had to stay focused, and I was bored being at home all day.
  • 8th Grade

    8th Grade
    I didn't get my 8th grade graduation and activities and I took Algebra 1. I was upset but life goes on. Algebra 1 was hard, but I passed it.
  • 9th Grade

    9th Grade
    I took part in extracurriculars (band, poetry club, Upward Bound, Future Seekers) took geometry and Algebra 2. I had 3 of my math credits by the end of my freshman year.