My Life and Times

By sc5309
  • Laurent Kabila

    The congo president, Laurent Kabila, was assassinated by one of his body guards.
  • Venus and Stella

    Venus and Stella
    I got my first dog, Venus, and my first cat, Stella.
  • Nablus, Jenin,and Bethlehem

    Israeli tanks and warplanes attack Westbank towns of Nablus, Jenin, Bethlehem, and others in response to string of Palestinian suicide attacks. ttp://
  • The Island House

    My family and I moved into a house on an island down in the Bay Area.
  • Space Shuttle Columbia

    Space Shuttle Columbia
    Space Shuttle Columbia explodes and kills all seven astronauts inside.
  • El Dorado Hills

    My Mom, Brother, and I moved up to El Dorado Hills from the Bay area. I have lived there ever since.
  • Terrorist Attacks in Spain

    Spain was rocked by terroristst attacks killing more then 200 people. Al-Qaeda took responsibility.
  • EL Dorado Musical Theatre’s Production of Annie

    EL Dorado Musical Theatre’s Production of Annie
    I played a orphan in EL Dorado Musical Theatre’s first performance of Annie.
  • Iraqi Elections

    Iraqi Elections
    Iraqi elections to select a 275 seat National Assembly take place despite the treats of violence. A total of 8.5 millon people voted, representing about 58% of those Iraqis eligable to vote.
  • Mike

    My family, met Mike, my step dad.
  • Mocha

    Got my second dog, Mocha. My baby!
  • Danish Newspaper

    Afterr a Danish newspaper prints cartoons dipicting Muhammed in a negative light, angry demonstrators throughout the Muslim world smash windows, set fires, and burn flags.
  • Nancy Pelosi

    Nancy Pelosi
    California democrat Nancy Pelosi becomes the first U.S. Spreaker of the House of Representatives.
  • Disney World

    Our family took our first trip to Disney World in Florida
  • Mazda

    We got our new car. A Mazda.
  • Russian Peacemakers

    Russian Peacekeepers are killed in South Ossetia.
  • Lake Forest Apartments

    We moved from a house to the Lake Forest apartments
  • Haiti

    Major earthquake in Haiti, over 200,000 people perish, International rescue help pours into Haiti.
  • Oakridge Highschool

    Oakridge Highschool
    The first day of highschool at Oakridge Highschool
  • Northern California Grace Foundation

    I started volunteering at the Northern California Grace Foundation.
  • City of Life and Death

    City of Life and Death
    The Film: “City of Life and Death.” opens in China. It depicts the 1937 Japenese assault on Nanjing.
  • Queensland, Australia

    Queensland, Australia
    Major flooding in Queensland, Australia. It is declared the worst natural disaster in Australia’s history.