My life

  • School

    I used to go to school with my sister, every day.
  • School friends.

    When I was on elementary school, I would have two best friends.
  • Holydays

    I would always go to the seaside for holidays, with my parents.
  • High school.

    I used to be a good student, I would do all my homeworks.
  • Scouts!

    Every noon saturdays, I would to go to scouts activities.
  • Sport.

    When I was in athletic high school team, I used to run every week around 10 or 15 kms.
  • Likes.

    When I was adolescent, I used to love the electro music, but now I love reggaeton.
  • University.

    I used to get up early every day to go to university. But now I'm late to some classes.
  • Pandemic.

    I didn't use to train neither two times in a month. Now I do it every three times per week.
  • Transport.

    I used to transport myself by bicycle, but after a long time, I decided to buy a motorcycle.