My Life

By yss0540
  • The Day I was Born

    This the day where the legend of Yuvraj Sidhu began.
  • The day I came to MockingBird

    This when I started school hear
  • The day I found out about TAKS

    One of the worst day of my life
  • The year I graduated elementary school

    The day I graduated to go to middle school
  • The day I started middle school

  • The best birtday party of my life

    Went to Great Wolf Lodge
  • Going to high school

  • Basketball season starts

  • Graduation

    I'll be graduating with honors.
  • Going to college

  • Going to Stanford

    Want go to stanford for medical degree plus basket ball
  • Making the college basket ball team

  • Go to the NBA

  • Get drafted

  • Get Married