A piece of my life

Timeline created by GavinMagee
  • Born

    The day i was born.
  • Ate first real food

    Ate first real food
    Check out McDonaldsThis is the first time that i was able to eat real food, not slosh, but an actual burger from McDonald's.
  • Joined Islands

    Joined Islands
    I joined the school of islands for kindergarten to 6th grade.
  • Best christmas

    Best christmas
    Christmas dayThis was the best christmas ever becuase I got a new toy which I could shoot the cans, and then they would pop!
  • Had a dinosaur birthday party.

    Had a dinosaur birthday party.
    [Learn about the creatures](news.discovery.com/animals/dinosaurs)This time for my birthday, I had a dinosaur themed birthday party, in which i growled at a child.
  • Rode my first bike

    Rode my first bike
    Check out the bike struggleThis is the date at which i finally succeeded in riding a bike.
  • Went to disneyland

    Went to disneyland
    I finally got to go to the magnificent disney land, and go on all the rides, becuase i was old enough.
  • Got a go kart

    We were fortunate enough to buy a gokart custom made.
  • Got my first gaming console

    Got my first gaming console
    Wanna try?In this year, I had recieved my first gaming console, in which i was so excited becuase i had wanted one for quite a while.
  • Laser tag party

    Laser tag party
    Go have a blastThis year, i had a laser tag party with a few of my closest friends. pew pew.
  • Went to Europe

    Went to Europe
    LearnI had gone to Europe, and saw many beatuiful things with my family and stayed with some relative, as well as going to the Eiffel tower.
  • Went to disney world

    Went to disney world
    This was a completely different experience from disneyland, because there is so much more to do, like space mountain and the copernicus, along with so many more places to visit.
  • Middle school

    Middle school
    I finally started the long trek towards the end of my social life.
  • Bought a condo

    We invested into a condo, in which my family will rent out to others, to try and gain some money. We bought it to rent out to others, so we could make some long term money, constantly.
  • Started Chess club

    Me and my friends always love to play chess, and now we have the opportunity to start a chess club, so we completed the paperwork. Make sure to join,