my life

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    my life
  • I born in 2002.1.4

  • 5years old I go to kindergerdon

  • 8years old I go to elementory shcool

  • 9years old I start playing soccer

  • q10 years old I'm go to socond thard and fourth shcool and soccer lesson

  • 11years old I moved U.S. New York city

  • 12 years old I moved to north carolina because in New York I only speaking korean

  • 13years old I'm in soccer team.

  • 14years old I can speak english

  • 15years old ready for driveing car.

  • 16years old I'm driveing with my mom.

  • 18 years old I'm driveing with my girt friend.

  • 19years old Igot job.

  • 20years old I play soccer with my friend sometimes.

  • 21years old I got emplyment.

  • 28 years old I marry

  • 29 years old I got my son.

  • 30 years old I'm president of company

  • 35 years old I play soccer with my son.

  • 36 years old my son learning soccer from me.

  • 90 years old I die