My life

  • Born

  • Started preschool

  • First trip to Florida

    Trip to Disney with my mom and nana
  • Got ran over by car

  • Started first grade

  • Moved, started new school

    Started 3rd grade
  • Baby sister was born

  • Moved, started new school

  • Moved, started new high school

  • Met best friend

  • Joined tennis team

  • Graduated high school

  • Started college

  • Started first job at Meijer

  • Started dating boyfriend

  • Started CNA program at MCCC

  • Started job as CNA

  • Got my puppy, Bowie

  • Started Nursing program

  • Graduated Nursing program

  • Started first job as a Nurse

  • Closed on my first home

  • Got new puppy, Gunner

  • Got engaged