• I was born

    on december 27 1995 i was brought into this world in St. Josophs Hospital
  • learned how to swim

    I learned how to swim befor i could even crawl!!
  • I learned how to walk

    finaly 2 months after learneing how to swim i began to walk
  • LInclon House

    in 97' i moved into the house wich i grew up in from the time i can remember
  • started school

    i began school at cherrylyn elementary
  • remmbering

    from this point on i can pretty much remember all major events
  • Learning about death

    my grandpa on my moms side passed away
  • Terroism

    the twin towers fell and i watched it on tv
  • Broke!!!

    i broke my arm after coming home from Arizona
  • Slit

    My mom and dad split up
  • Divorced

    me and my mom moved into an apartment and my folks got divorced
  • Movin far

    i moved to Tucson Arizona
  • 303 im home!!!

    I moved bak to denver
  • new school

    i moved schools multipul times
  • clam chouder

    went to vermont for a month
  • settled

    i finaly settled into the house i live in to this day
  • Accepted

    i got accepted to this school
  • WHOA

    i can almost see into the future well im sitting here typing on the computer my life and now this well that is pretty much my life!