My Life

  • Born

  • Period: to


  • Brother was Born

    Brother was Born
  • First word

    First word
    First Word Mom
  • First Walked

    First Walked
  • Came to visit Gandparents

    Came to visit Gandparents
  • Sister Was Born

    Sister Was Born
  • Moved to Sioux Falls

    Moved to Sioux Falls
  • First day of Brandon

    First day of Brandon
  • Got my Own Cat

    Got my Own Cat
  • First Day At Baltic

    First Day At Baltic
    started in 2nd grade
  • Met Abby

    Met Abby
  • Grandma Died

    Grandma Died
    In her free time Sharon enjoyed reading, writing, crocheting, and remodeling and selling homes. She also liked to take care of animals especially cats and dogs and a baby goat that she kept. Most of all Sharon was an artist who loved to spend time with her friends and family. She could often be seen wearing her favorite sweatshirt that was given to her by her family. The quote on her sweatshirt is a phrase that she loved and thought described her well. It reads, "Lord, please keep one hand on my
  • Got my First Phone

    Got my First Phone
  • Got My First Dog

    Got My First Dog
  • Built Own House

    Built Own House
  • Sister Was Born

    Sister Was Born
  • Mom Got Married

    Mom Got Married
  • Got my Hamster

    Got my Hamster
  • Got My First Job

    Got My First Job
    Works at culvers
  • First Drove a Car

    First Drove a Car