My Life

  • My Birth

  • Rolled from stomach to side

  • Started giggling when tickled

  • Learned to sit up

  • Can sit up by myself

  • Started letting go walking

  • My 1st Birthday

  • Walking alone

  • Daniel was born

    I'm now a big sister
  • Started talking

    I can say "Mama" and "Tat"
    Tato= Dad in Macedonian
  • My 2nd Birthday

  • Can make sentences

    Dij me= Give me
  • I met Taylor

    She's still my best friend 16 years later
  • Started speaking more frequently and in sentences

  • My 3rd Birthday

  • Alexandra is born

    I now have a baby sister
  • My 3rd Birthday

  • I start preschool

  • Phillip was born

    I now have 2 younger brothers and a younger sister
  • I bring Phillip to preschool for show and tell

  • I started Kindergarden

  • My 6th birthday

  • I Started 1st Grade

  • I Started 2nd Grade

  • Got the Chicken Pox

  • Got really bad Pneumonia- Hospitalized for 3 1/2 weeks

  • I Started 3rd Grade

  • Started 4th Grade

  • Moved from Dearborn Heights to Novi

  • Started 5th Grade

  • Started Middle School: 6th Grade

  • Started 7th Grade

  • Visited Orlando Studio

  • Visited Europe for 2 months

  • Started 8th Grade

  • 8th Grade Trip to Washington DC

  • Entered High School: 9th Grade

  • Attended my first high school dance: Homecoming

  • Started 10th Grade

  • My 3rd brother Nikolas was born

  • My 16th Birthday

  • Started 11th grade

  • Started 12th Grade: SENIOR YEAR!

  • I have my first boyfriend

  • My 18th Birthday :)

  • Senior Prom :)


  • Start College classes at Schoolcraft

  • New York Trip with Friends

  • Accepted to Madonna University for Fall of 2013

  • Travel to Europe to visit one of my best friends

  • Start Fall classes at Madonna

  • Apply to Madonna University Nursing School for Fall 2014

  • Get Accepted into Madonna University Nursing School

  • Get Married

  • Graduate Madonna Nursing School

  • Get a job at John's Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD as a Psychiatric Nurse

  • Have my first kid

  • Travel Abroad

    I really want to live in Europe for a few years... Maybe when I'm 25 it'll become reality
  • Have Second Kid

  • Have 3rd Kid

  • Have 4th Kid

  • Watch My Kids Grow Up

  • Grandchildren

    I hope that by the time I'm 63 I'll have grandchildren
  • Retire

  • Travel the World

    I've always wanted to retire so when I retire I'll spend a lot of time finding myself in the world
  • Death

    I've never wanted to live past the age of 83. I think by this time, I'll have fullfilled everything that I've wanted to do