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My Life

  • Birth in Dover Ohio

    I was born on this day so yeah!
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • First Christmas

    Ummm... I'm not sure why this is important...
  • I turned 1 year old.

    Mmk, well this is an interesting development. Jameseyboy here has now lived for a year.
  • My second Christmas.

    OK no-one really cares!!
  • It's mom's birthday and she got something very special...

    Mom got the GameBoy Color and a Puzzle game! The GameBoy came with Tetris too.
  • Mario?

    Mom bought Super Mario Land! Now this game is over at my grandma's house where she enjoys it very much.
  • I am three!

    Hmm.... i dunno what to say!
  • Well It's my third christmas and something odd happened...

    Well i opened a present and i saw the back of a puzzle and i got so exited. I started runnin around and i actually thought that the puzzle was just a peice of wood. I got so exited over a peice of wood. But then i realized it was just a puzzle.
  • Fourth Birthday! Ooooh...

    Hey! This is a nice gift! I got a TON of games for the GameBoy from my mom. I got a game called Dinosaurs, The Lion King 1&2, and some spy game.
  • Fourth Christmas.

    I didn't get the mini-bike i wanted.... Before i didn't know why but it's obvious now...
  • Pokémon?

    Mom bought a Pokémon game on this day and we still play it. In fact it is in my room.
  • Fifth Birthday.

    Awww.... No GameBoy Advance....
  • Fifth Christmas.

    just a Christmas.