My Life!

  • Tonie Brown

    Tonie was brought into the world!!!!
  • Natalie Brown

    Natalie was born!!! (:
  • Kayla Burkhead

    Kayla was born!
  • Kelsey Elizabeth Beaudoin

    Kelsey was born!
  • Edward William Carr Jr. (aka, EJ)

    EJ was born!
  • Sophia Lynn Burkhead

    Sophia Lynn was born. (:
  • Jacob Randall Lee Bworn

    Jake was born!
  • Shelby Lynn Carr

    I was born and took my first breath in this world!
  • Nickolas Mattheu Carr

    Nickolas came into the world (:
  • Meeting Tabitha! (:

    My best friend in the universe <3
  • Meting Crabby (:

    (not sure about exact date)
  • Shot my first buck! (:

  • Meeting Logan

  • Moving out!

  • Mom moved...

  • Got my truck!! :D

  • Meeting Whitney (: my best friend!

  • Moved to Scottsburg, Indiana (: